We give our global resources a local focus through our unique client relationships.

PwC’s services are tailored to accommodate individual client needs, providing both financial and non-financial assurance.

Our aim is to create real value and enhance investor confidence.

Assurance services: financial assurance, accounting consulting services, risk & control solutions, PwC security.
Financial Assurance
Increase stakeholder confidence
Risk Assurance
Creating resilient systems and processes
Accounting Consulting Services
Aligning business practices with technical requirements
PwC Security
Independent, technology agnostic, real-world security advice
Financial Assurance
Increase stakeholder confidence.
Assurance around the financial performance of your organisation is crucial when providing information to users.

A Financial Statement Audit establishes the validity of the information and assesses whether it portrays a true and fair view of the organisation, aiding informed user decision making.
Financial Risk Management
Risk Assurance
Creating resilient systems and processes.

The Risk Assurance team provides a range of services tailored to client circumstances to help build a resilient and operationally sound business.
PwC Security
Accounting Consulting Services
Aligning business practices with technical requirements.

PwC’s dedicated team of IFRS experts contribute to the process of continuous improvement of accounting guidance issued by the standard setting bodies.

As such, we are best placed to help our clients understand and comply with the current and new regulations relevant to their business.
Accounting Consulting Services
PwC Security
Independent, technology agnostic, real-world security advice.

Getting high quality independent security advice can be difficult. Therefore we have created a PwC Security practice that offers a full range of services that covers the whole lifecycle of IT security.
PwC Security


Director's responsibilities

Audit Committee Guide

How audit committee members add value

In the wake of recent corporate reporting failures stakeholders, the investor community and the regulator are sharpening their focus on director’s responsibilities and how effectively these responsibilities are discharged.

The PwC Audit Committee Guide is designed to help members of the audit committee work through the maze of director’s responsibilities in a practical manner.

Download our Director's responsibilities guide


Streamlining reporting

Streamlined annual financial report 2014

We've created the Streamlined Annual Financial Report to demonstrate some simple ideas that companies could apply to make their reports less complex and more accessible. It also highlights areas where the existing accounting regime prevents companies from taking what could be a more effective approach.

Download the publication to learn more.


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