New Zealand


What does a typical career pathway look like?

This is our typical career pathway for client facing staff. We are happy to explore with you at interview where your skills and experience best fit.


Consultant | Associate | Analyst

You will be recently graduated or have a couple of years experience and have the organisational and technical skills to assist in meeting key objectives.


Senior Consultant | Senior Associate | Senior Analyst

Your level of technical proficiency is now maturing and in addition to coaching and supervising junior members of the team, you may have experience in managing pieces of work autonomously.



With a number of years experience in your chosen field, you would be used to either managing teams or clients and ensuring strategic objectives are met. You will have strong project management, leadership and influencing skills.


Senior Manager | Associate Director

You may now be managing larger teams or clients; you will have responsibility for account management and some business development. You will be accountable for strategic deliverables and demonstrate leadership capability.



As a Director, you may be responsible for large teams or an area of business. You may also be responsible for business development and account direction and have built market expertise in your field.


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