New Zealand


What is the selection process?

Applying for a new career is a huge decision, so the selection process is designed to make sure we're absolutely right for each other. The precise details of each stage will vary according to where you want to work, but the focus throughout will be on the qualities you need to do well at PwC.

Step 1

Complete and submit an on-line application form
Once you've decided where you'd like to work within PwC and found a suitable opportunity simply fill in our on-line application form. Our team of recruiters will review your application and get back to you.


Step 2

Speak to one of recruitment team
This may be a face to face meeting or a telephone conversation. We're looking for you to provide us with evidence of the skills we are seeking as well as reassuring us that you've thought carefully about your career choice and you have a clear interest in the business world and PwC.


Step 3

Attend interviews
This will be a series of interviews with PwC managers and Partners within the business unit you have applied to. These interviews will give you the chance to display the qualities that paper can't do justice to. We will use the interviews to further assess you skills and provide you with more information about PwC.


Step 4

Pass our pre-employment reference checks
Once you have attended the appropriate interviews and are interested in pursuing a career at PwC we will ask for your permission to attain references from your previous employers, criminal record checks and for proof of your right to work in New Zealand. In some instances, if the role warrants it, we may also do additional testing and ask your permission to carry out a Credit Check.


Step 5

Step 5 – Receive an offer
Once we are both sure that we are right for one another we will extend a verbal offer to you and follow it up with a written contract.

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