Our corporate responsibility

Being a responsible business means many things to us

As a locally owned New Zealand firm, it means we care deeply about how the communities in which we live and work are doing: we are committed to playing our part to build prosperous and sustainable communities.

For our people, it means giving them great opportunities to develop their careers and realise their career aspirations.

We know great people make a great business. You’ll see why we’re so very proud of our people - and the contribution they make to New Zealand and our communities - by reading the stories we’ve shared in our corporate responsibility review.

We want our people to be happy, engaged and enjoy what they do, and feel they are achieving their career goals and creating something better.

Our people are fundamental to us in maintaining our position as New Zealand’s leading professional services firm. You can see this in the way we work with our clients and strive for success.

Success in protecting and enhancing value to our clients’ businesses, by using our skills and relationships to influence what our clients do and the contribution they make to society.

Success in engaging our communities and working together to build the capacity of organisations that are doing so much to help others in need, and looking at ways we can add value and extend our support.

We get involved because we feel a social responsibility to be part of the solution to society’s challenges.

By sharing information and leveraging ideas, we can play a valuable part in the conversation and movement towards more responsible business practices that create a better deal for everyone.

Responsible business practices, both in what we do and the role we play to influence and engage others, strengthen our economy, businesses, local communities and our collective wellbeing. We’re all connected.

We wholeheartedly embrace playing our part: it’s in our firm’s DNA and well embedded within our culture.

Indeed, it’s central to our business strategy of being the recognised leader in terms of the difference we make and value we add to our people, clients and communities.

In today’s more open and transparent world, companies can no longer control what’s said about them and success cannot be achieved by working in isolation.

We know business success is more than a measure of growth and profits.

That’s what being a responsible business means to us and we want you to be part of it.

Thank you and best wishes,

Bruce Hassall
Chief Executive Officer and Senior Partner

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