Global Economic Crime Survey

Welcome to our New Zealand supplement to PwC’s 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey

PwC 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey Infographic thumb

It will surprise few to learn that economic crime — such as fraud, corruption, cybercrime, IP infringement or accounting fraud — continues to be a major concern for New Zealand organisations of all sizes, across all regions and in virtually every sector.

Indeed, one third of New Zealand respondents to this year’s survey reported their workplaces being victimised by economic crime in the past two years. It’s an alarming finding and a reminder to all organisations to remain vigilant to the threats they face.

This is just one headline from the New Zealand supplement to our 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey: one of the broadest and most comprehensive economic crime surveys we have ever conducted, with 82 local respondents and over 5,000 global respondents contributing from every corner of the world.

But the real story is greater than economic crime persisting: it’s also about economic crime threatening your business processes, eroding the integrity of your employees, and tarnishing your reputation. Which is why this year’s report is focused on how and where it may be affecting you — so you can address the issue from both a preventive and a strategic perspective.

We thank all those who took the time to add their voice to this global study in order to give us a better understanding of the fraud threats we face in New Zealand. Your contribution is invaluable.

Our report also focuses on enforcement activity; which touches on New Zealand’s new anti-money laundering regime and high impact economic crimes, such as procurement fraud and cybercrime.

We hope our survey findings and analysis will serve your stakeholders well — including the Board, management, staff, suppliers, business partners and regulators — as both a useful reference point in an endless campaign and a strategic tool in your business arsenal in the year ahead.

We would be pleased to discuss our findings with you personally, how they relate to your organisation, and what you can do to better protect your business. Please do get in touch.