Energy, Utilities and Mining


Having secure, affordable energy is important to all of us, from consumers to politicians and business owners. A strong economy relies on sufficient sources of energy; oil, gas, electricity, coal and others.

We’ve been providing assurance, advisory and tax services to the power & utilites, mining, and oil & gas industry sector for decades. Learn more about our services in the following industry sectors.

Power & Utilities

Supporting our energy industry

We have a strong presence in the electricity sector in New Zealand and across the globe. We understand how competitive the power industry is and the challenges it faces.

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Services for the Power & Utilities industry sector


Working with our mining sector

We’re one of the world's leading advisors to the mining industry, working with mineral exploration, production and service companies.

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Services for the Mining industry sector

Oil & Gas

Solutions for our Oil & Gas sector

We excel in providing tailored business solutions for the oil and gas companies tackling increasingly tough industry challenges.

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Services for the Oil & Gas industry sector