New Zealand entertainment and media outlook 2012-2016

New Zealand entertainment and media outlook 2012-2016

Welcome to the second edition of PwC New Zealand's entertainment and media outlook.

We're excited to present our forecasts and analysis for the industry and give our insights into the trends that drive our forecasts.

Get an insight into our viewpoint for 2012 and beyond, by clicking through our online pages and downloading your own full and free copy of our outlook.

All of us at PwC continue to stay on top of trends that may impact your business now and in the future, and we look forward to further sharing our insights with you.

What is the outlook?

Our outlook is an annual analysis that predicts industry trends and provides five-year forecasts on advertising and consumer spending across seven industry segments, for the New Zealand market.

The entertainment and media world is changing rapidly: if you want to know what this means for you and your business, then continue reading.

This year’s highlights

New technology innovations are creating new markets and new ways for people to get their entertainment and media fix. Consumers can now be reached anytime, anywhere.

This year, we show how mobility is reshaping the future of the industry. New technologies, such as smartphones and tablet computers, combined with infrastructure developments and the proliferation of digital content and services, mean more people are accessing their entertainment and media content on the move.

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Segment insights

Our outlook contains a rich source of insights into the future shape of the entertainment and media industry, by telling seven segment stories.

Find out where this year's big stories lie, what the big picture is for entertainment and media growth prospects, key industry tipping points, and the stories that are changing the face of some in the industry.

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What do our experts say?

Meet our entertainment and media authors, Partners Keren Blakey and Grant Dennis, to hear what they have to say about this year's outlook.

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