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Managing your business risk and protecting reputation and value

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In today's increasingly complex business environment, companies face numerous challenges and risks - often when they can least afford to deal with them.

The ever-growing use of the Internet and fully automated accounting systems and electronic funds transfers has dramatically increased the likelihood of corporate fraud. Equally, and by its very nature, the amount of electronically stored evidence is also growing at an identical rate.

The detection and minimisation of fraud is now an integral part of protecting business. This is best illustrated in the post Enron and Worldcom environment with many regulatory authorities and companies, both inside and outside New Zealand, looking to strengthen and enforce fraud risk management procedures as well as vigorously pursuing instances of fraud.

Similarly, in almost all modern dispute resolution, and in particular employment and regulatory disputes, computer forensic specialists play a fundamental role. Whilst historically most requirements were to identify and locate a specific piece of evidence, increasingly we are seeing a more general and perhaps onerous request for electronic discovery being made, often with the results needed in a very short timescale.

How can PwC assist?

Our team is dedicated to meeting the challenges caused by fraud allegations, financial crimes, employment disputes and other irregularities. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds including law enforcement, accounting and IT, both in New Zealand and overseas. Skills developed from these diverse backgrounds have been integrated to produce methodologies which are focused on the need of the client.

Furthermore, with representation in over 140 countries, we can call upon the support and resources of PwC worldwide. As a result we benefit from lessons learnt globally and are able to apply the methodologies and practices here in New Zealand. We are globally organised, yet locally based.

This approach includes the use of experienced investigators, forensic accountants, computer forensic specialists and background researchers.