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PwC’s Forensic Technology Solutions team provides unique approaches to complex business disputes and investigative matters.

Today’s electronic environment generate voluminous amounts of data that companies both large and small can quickly lose track of.  When companies are faced with undertaking an investigation or an electronic discovery order, it is important that an urgent,  and ordered approach is taken.

This is where our experienced forensic technology team can help. We can assist with securing electronic data, and maintaining its evidentiary value to ensure it is acceptable for admission in court. Our team has extensive experience both in law enforcement and the private sector.

Using dedicated forensic technology laboratories in New Zealand and throughout the PwC network of firms worldwide, we can offer the latest technology to best serve our clients’ needs.

Our services include:

Electronic investigations

Computer systems and other electronic devices are an important source of evidence in many disputes. To preserve electronic evidence it should be forensically copied immediately, once an issue  has been identified, using accepted forensic processes and equipment.

The forensic process includes the identification, preservation, copying, examination, reporting, and delivery of expert witness services, relating to electronic evidence.
We use a range of technologies to examine electronic data, enabling the review of deleted files and internet history.

The nature of electronic investigations can vary:

  • Forensic preservation of electronic evidence - court level preservation of data found on servers, laptops, workstations, mobile phones, and other devices.
  • Breach of employment duties - where an organisation suspects illegal or unethical actions  has been undertaken by an employee or ex-employee.
  • Cyber crime investigations - when an economic crime has allegedly been committed using computers and the internet. For example the illegal downloading of files and stealing of personal or corporate information including intellectual property and bank account details.

Electronic discovery

Complying with an electronic discovery request or order is a critically important, highly complex, time-consuming, and potentially disruptive activity. Electronic discovery is no longer just email. Constantly evolving technology for storing and sharing data, confusing, and conflicting domestic and global data privacy laws, along with the rapid shift to web-based computing, has dramatically increased the complexity and interconnectedness of electronic discovery in recent years.

The need for completeness and accuracy of discovery is creating an increasing burden and strain on companies’ with often limited resources. The consequences of getting it wrong can be significant.

Our specialists employ a 360-degree view of electronic discovery that brings the virtual and physical elements of a case together to move the matter forward rapidly and efficiently.

Our electronic discovery services include:

  • Create end-to-end electronic discovery solutions for engagements requiring large-scale data processing and sophisticated review hosting.
  • Developing solutions to drive complex, real-time investigations that integrate computer forensics, forensic accounting, business intelligence, and on-the-ground investigations.
  • Conduct forensically sound collection of data from all sources both locally and globally in a seamless manner.
  • Perform computer forensics analysis, including forensic imaging of electronic media (computers, servers, tapes, hand-held devices and the like), deletion trend analysis, recovery of deleted files, and other forensic analyses.
  • Perform keyword formulation, data filtering, and review strategy consulting.
  • Provide affidavits and expert reports for work carried out.
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