Global Economic Crime Survey 2016

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Adjusting the Lens on Economic Crime:
Preparation brings opportunity back into focus

  • Economic crime Economic crime
  • Controls Controls
  • Cybercrime Cybercrime
  • Ethics and compliance Ethics and compliance
  • Anti-money laundering Anti-money laundering
Economic crime

Economic crime

Economic crime is a diversified global issue.

  • 40% of New Zealand organisations experienced economic crime
  • Of those, 74% experienced asset misappropriation
  • Company detection methods are not keeping pace

What opportunities are available for countering economic crime proactively?

Economic Crime in New Zealand

Forty per cent of organisations in New Zealand have experienced economic crime in the past two years since the last Global Economic Crime Survey. This ranks New Zealand 19th out of 115 countries that took part in the survey and places the country slightly above the global average of 36 per cent and below neighbouring Australia (52%).

This year’s report explores behaviours, attitudes and prevalence in three keys areas: cybercrime, ethics and compliance programmes, and anti-money laundering. Asset misappropriation continues to be the most common economic crime reported in New Zealand. This year’s level of 74 per cent is consistent with the last two surveys and shows that despite an increase in cybercrime and procurement fraud in recent years, it remains a top threat for New Zealand organisations.

While organisations need to ensure that they are ready for the growing and increasingly complex threats from cybercrime – now in joint second place as the most reported economic crime – they cannot afford to take their eye off the traditional frauds and thefts.

Economic crime is constantly evolving and becoming a more complex issue for organisations and economies. Organisations that understand how to balance their defences and strategically maintain a plan for growth will be the difference between capitalising on opportunities or falling victim to others.

Global Economic Crime Survey 2016


We've taken the results of this year's survey and transformed the data into relevant snippets of information for you to share and review.

Has your organisation experienced any economic crime within the last 24 months?
Types of economic crime experienced by New Zealand organisations in the past two years
Thinking about the next 24 months, how likely or unlikely is it that your organisation will experience cybercrime?
Thinking about the next 24 months, how likely or unlikely is it that your organisation will experience human resources fraud?

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