Industrial manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing: we can help you with the challenges you face in the manufacturing sector

The challenges faced by the industrial manufacturing sector are the same issues we work with our clients to solve every day.

The global sector is large and diverse but most companies face similar challenges. Increased costs for oil, natural gas, steel and copper are squeezing margins, unless they're offset by pricing and surcharge increases. Customer relunctance to invest in new equipment has intensified the importance of aftermarket service. Industrial manufacturing companies around the world are also trying to figure out how to get the most out of their IT and people.

In New Zealand, the industry is being forced to address margin squeeze due to rising input costs, skill shortages, impact of low cost producing countries like China and India, the relative strength of the New Zealand dollar, sustainability policies, and the on-going challenge to innovate.

How we can help you

We aim to help clients extract value from their operations, develop a competitive advantage across the value chain, and ensure all corporate stakeholder expectations are recognised and met.

We focus on improving production techniques and identifying greater efficiencies in areas such as waste minimisation, production processes and the use of capital.