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In five years we won’t be talking about FinTechs anymore

7 April 2017

Today’s companies are too focussed on start-ups at the expense of other potential sources of disruption, reveals the New Zealand PwC Global FinTech Report.

NZ CEOs maintain business confidence as skills diversify and new risks emerge

17 February 2017

New Zealand CEOs are optimistic about growth and plan to hire more people, but are worried about the skills needed and the rise of new technological risks. The New Zealand CEO Survey findings show that our CEOs are concerned about cyber threats (91%), the availability of key skills (84%) and the speed of technological change (84%).

Six changes affecting NZ Banks

10 February 2017

The Future of Banking through a Kiwi Lens looks at the performance of Australia’s big banks and raises questions about the six trends that are forcing them to consider how they operate today, in preparation for tomorrow.

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