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New Zealand CEO Survey 2015



of NZ CEOs are somewhat or very confident about revenue growth over the next three years.



of NZ CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills in the workforce.



of NZ CEOs say cyber security is strategically important for their organisations.

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Our New Zealand findings show CEOs are less positive about the outlook for the global economy with 47 per cent believing the global economy will improve, down from 63 per cent last year. Yet optimism remains when it comes to their own companies, with 88 per cent of New Zealand CEOs either somewhat or very confident of their own revenue growth prospects this year, down one percentage from last year.

Those are just some of the key findings of our report, where we asked chief executives about a number of key issues, including strategic partnerships, talent and diversity, growth and where they see value in their digital investments.

More than 60 New Zealand business leaders responded to our online survey and we interviewed another nine prominent chief executives to find out their thoughts on opportunities and threats, the global trends transforming business, and how they're connecting with customers and new markets.

Overall, we found that CEOs are displaying a sense of optimism despite the picture they’re painting this year of an increasingly fluid and disrupted business environment. They’re adapting to an era of unprecedented digital change that’s shaking up traditional industries and prompting some of their peers to question the very business they’re in.

What New Zealand CEOs said

You can read our full analysis, first-hand CEO interview summaries and explore all the data by downloading our report.

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