New Zealand Wine Insights

Issue one, November 2012

The future is rich and full bodied for New Zealand's wine industry

We're delighted to present our first New Zealand Wine Insights publication.

We invite you to sit back and drink in our insights and findings about the current and future state of this rapidly changing, and still growing, young industry.

Inside our publication, we share our extensive knowledge based on first-hand experiences from working extensively in the wine industry, combined with the expertise of our people who work across a range of industries and speciality areas.

What does the greatly reduced grape harvest in 2012 mean and what's the outlook for vintage 2013? Why are bulk wine exports to the UK and Australia reducing, while the USA is set to become New Zealand wine's largest bulk wine export market? What does this mean for New Zealand wine? What's driving expectations of further winery and grower consolidation?

These are just some of the highlights you'll learn from reading this report, which we trust you will find relevant and valuable.

As a follow on from our strategic review for New Zealand Winegrowers in 2011, this publication comments on various aspects of New Zealand wine's competitive advantage and will update you on how the industry is responding to the rapidly changing environment it operates in.

We are passionate about seeing New Zealand's wine industry continue to grow and succeed and proud of our long association with it.

What do our findings mean for you? Call us and we'll be happy to provide you with a more personalised perspective.