New Zealand CEO Survey 2016

Redefining success in a changing world: A New Zealand perspective



A well-defined purpose is becoming increasingly important for New Zealand companies and this reflects the fast-paced world we live in today. It’s not only becoming more connected through the impact of technology and digital, but also because customers are demanding that organisations stay plugged into the world around them – their communities. This increasingly complicated world brings both threats and opportunities. Given the wide-ranging uncertainties CEOs are facing – cyber security, over-regulation, geopolitical uncertainty – it’s easy to see why they’re divided about whether there are more threats or opportunities today.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Kiwi organisations are remaining optimistic about their own growth prospects despite the possibility of a stagnant or declining global economy. More than half of New Zealand respondents expect the global economy to stay the same this year, but 40 per cent are very confident about revenue growth over the next 12 months and 47 per cent are very confident about the next three years. This annual survey and report are designed to stimulate debate amongst government, business leaders and other stakeholders on the economy and future of doing business in New Zealand. I hope that you will find the insights useful and relevant for your organisation.

Bruce Hassall
Bruce Hassall

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