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  • Using our skills to give back to our community

PwC Foundation

Started in 2004, the PwC Foundation is our community involvement program. It provides the opportunity for us to make a significant and lasting contribution to the communities we work in by leveraging the enormous talent, enthusiasm and generosity of our people across New Zealand.  

Our mission statement is ‘focus gives impact’ and our whakatauki (Māori proverb) is ‘Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi’, which translates as ‘with your basket and my basket the people will thrive’.

Our core focus of the PwC Foundation is child welfare and education. We also support youth at risk, animal welfare, environmental sustainability and New Zealand's world-leading medical researchers. 

Child welfare and education

Using our skills and resources we help solves society’s important problems. Just one example of this is by helping to break the poverty cycle.

  • Financial Literacy Program

    Our Financial Literacy Program (FLiP) is a PwC initiative which gives our people with an opportunity to volunteer their skills in school classrooms, where the need is greatest, to deliver financial literacy education to students. FLiP is a self-contained classroom resource entailing four hour-long classroom lessons. Our staff are entitled to two paid days leave a year to volunteer as a FLiP tutor.  

    For further information please contact Naomi McRae on 09 355 8351 or email her. 

  • Scholarships

    Started in 2004, the PwC Scholarship program targets students in Year 13 and offers a range of support to talented students intending to study Commerce, Information Systems or Law with a conjoint at a New Zealand tertiary institution. This support includes:

    • financial assistance towards tuition fees over the course of their qualifying degree

    • a dedicated mentor through the course of their studies

    • an opportunity to participate in our Summer Intern program.

    A number of our scholarships are reserved for those students who would otherwise suffer financial hardship to attend University.    

  • Eat My Lunch

    For every healthy and fresh lunch ordered by our people from Eat My Lunch, another is sent to a New Zealand child that cannot afford their own. This simple arrangement means we can help make a difference on a daily basis, by tackling the serious issue of child poverty. PwC supports Eat My Lunch by promoting the service to our people and supporting the charity to easily deliver to our lunch rooms.

  • Pro bono services

    PwC has a long history of delivering professional services to not-for-profit organisations and charities. Pro bono work enables our people to use their skills to assist and engage with community organisations in need. Delivering our expertise to community organisations is one of the most satisfying and rewarding things we can do. 

  • Skilled volunteering

    At PwC, we believe we have a responsibility to give back where possible. One of the ways we do this is by utilising our skills and resources where they'll have the greatest lasting benefit for our communities and the environment. Our staff are able to utilise two days of paid volunteer leave to support organisations in the child welfare and education cause areas.

  • Foundation grants

    The PwC Foundation makes available a small amount of funding each year to support New Zealand-based initiatives run by registered charities in our target areas of education and child welfare.

Other programs

  • Matched giving

    The PwC Foundation supports the charity work of our people by doubling the money they raise. Whether they are completing a sponsored run or walk, growing a moustache or holding a bake sale, the PwC Foundation can double their cash contribution to the charity.

  • Collections

    During the year the PwC Foundation facilitates coordinated nationwide collections where our people donate goods or funds to an appeal. We regularly support the Auckland and City Missions winter food and Christmas gift appeals and food banks in other regions. We also run a Dress for Success collection across our offices each year. 

  • Paid volunteer days

    Paid volunteering is available to all permanent full or part time employees of PwC.  Our staff can take two paid volunteer days per year to support the organisations most dear to them. Staff are free to choose how they would like to utilise one day of paid volunteer leave, with the second to be utilised for skilled volunteering.

  • Volunteer awards

    We value the sustained commitment, time and energy that many PwC people give to the community in their own time. To recognise and reward this effort, the PwC Foundation has established the Volunteer Awards scheme. Applications are made on an annual basis. Successful applicants receive a donation from the PwC Foundation of $1,000 to the charitable organisation for which they volunteer. The Kathryn Roberts Outstanding Volunteer of the Year award winner also receives a donation of $2,500 from the PwC Foundation to the winner's charity of choice. 

  • Regional focus

    We design programs bespoke to each PwC office and aligned with our core causes. Each office chooses local charities that aligns best with their community and builds a local program around these.

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