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Digital IQ Survey 2014

How can companies raise their Digital IQ and use technology to advance their business goals? 

Our 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey found those businesses that have a high Digital IQ were over two times more likely to be top-performers in revenue growth, profitability and innovation.

So what is Digital IQ? We define this as a measure of how well companies understand the value of technology and weave it throughout their organisations.

As the only survey of its kind, we analysed the perspectives of 1,500 IT and business executives, from 38 countries.  And our findings revealed that five capabilities make the difference in enabling a business to realise sustained value from digital technology and raise its Digital IQ.

Behaviour 1: CEO actively champions digital

81% of top performers say their CEO is an active champion in the use of IT to achieve business strategy, compared with 68% of other companies.

Digital IQ Survey 2014: CEO actively champions digital initiatives

Behaviour 2: Strong CIO-CMO relationship

70% of top-performing companies say they have a strong CIO-CMO relationship, compared with just 45% of others

Digital IQ Survey 2014: Strong CIO-CMO relationship

Behaviour 3: Outside-in approach to digital innovation

Companies that measure innovation by the number of ideas generated are twice as likely to be top performers.

Digital IQ Survey 2014: Companies need to increase innovation idea generation

Behaviour 4: Significant New IT Platform investments

Companies that use agile processes in any capacity are twice as likely to be top-performers.

Digital IQ Survey 2014: Top 5 strategic technologies

Behaviour 5: View digital as an enterprise capability

IT fully understands all aspects of the business - and the business understands relevant aspects of information technology.

Digital IQ Survey 2014: IT understands marketing

Read our report to find out more about upping your Digital IQ, and the implications this may have on your business. 

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