How to apply for a scholarship

To apply, simply complete our online application form using the link at the bottom of this page, and attach the required documents. Make sure you include any work experience, special awards and any additional achievements we should know about. Ensure the information you have provided is correct and that you have included the required documents before you click ‘submit’.

Before you apply, these are some important documents you need to prepare in advance:

  • Create your CV – you can use this template if you like.
  • Talk to your school and/or someone in your network about your eligibility for the scholarship.
  • Get a copy of your academic transcript from your senior school.
  • Prepare answers to these five questions, and have them available to copy and paste into the online application form (250 words per question):
    • Tell us about the achievements you're most proud of.
    • Tell us about your greatest challenge - what this meant for you and how you managed this.
    • Tell us about your aspirations - what career goals do you have and what motivates you?
    • What are you passionate about, and why?
    • Why do you think you should be selected to win a PwC Scholarship?
  • We also have a question regarding financial hardship. If this applies to you, put together a few words on your situation and provide supporting documents if necessary.
  • When your application is complete, click ‘submit’. You’ll get an automatic email to let you know your application has been successfully submitted.

Letter of support from your school

In the past we have asked for a letter of support form your school for all candidates. This year we will not be asking for this.

Your application should highlight the following information to help you stand out from the crowd:

  • Leadership ability – you should highlight any leadership roles you’ve had both at school and in the community. This includes Head Boy/Girl, Prefect, and team captain and team coach roles.
  • A positive attitude, problem solving abilities and willingness to learn – tell us what your key achievements have been so far.
  • Excellent grades across all subjects at school. While grades are important, it is only one of the areas we look at. We look for people with strong personal skills, leadership ability and those who are clearly passionate about something.
  • Your school or community voluntary work.
  • Highlight your career goals and what motivates you.
  • Any part time work you do (it doesn’t matter what job!).
  • Show us how you stand out from the crowd – this might be through sports, art, music, debating, dance, or even long-term hobbies.

For any questions about eligibility, please email

It’s not just about academic achievement – show us what makes you stand out!

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