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How to apply for a scholarship

Scholarship applications for 2022 open later in the year - apply here.

To apply, simply attach the required documents and make sure to include any work experience, special awards and any additional achievements we should know about. Ensure the information you have provided is correct and that you have included the required documents before you click ‘submit’. 

Before you apply, these are some important documents you need to prepare in advance:
  • Create your CV.

  • Talk to your school and/or someone in your network about your eligibility for the scholarship.

  • Get a copy of your academic transcript from your senior school.

  • We have a question regarding financial and personal hardship. If this applies to you, put together a few words on your situation and provide supporting documents if necessary.

  • Prepare answers to these questions, we recommend drafting first so you can copy and paste into the online application form (250 words per question):

    • Our purpose is 'to build trust in society and solve important problems'.  Please provide an example where you creatively addressed a complex problem. Explain the situation, your thought process, your approach and the outcome. 
    • We have a strong values driven culture here at PwC. Our values are to act with integrity, make a difference, care, work together and reimagine the impossible. Please provide an example of how you could bring our values to life.
    • Tell us about your greatest challenge to date. How did you work through it, and what was the outcome?
    • Tell us about your aspirations. What motivates you? What are your career goals?
    • How could a PwC scholarship help you achieve your career goals and aspirations?
    • Please list any of your leadership roles and/or achievements eg. Prefect, Youth Leader, School Awards, Sports Awards.
  • It's important to mention any volunteer work you do for your community, marae, iwi, hapū, whānau in your application.
  • When your application is complete, click ‘submit’. You’ll get an automatic email to let you know your application has been successfully submitted.


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