Stuart Henderson

Stuart Henderson

Partner, PwC New Zealand

Stuart’s passion and expertise lie in financial risk identification, analysis, forensics and working with his clients to improve their organisations’ financial management and performance.

Over the course of his career spanning over 28 years, Stuart has established a reputation as the go-to advisor among leading European, Asian, Australian and New Zealand companies and government agencies wanting advice on risk management awareness, strategies and solutions. He’s also well known by New Zealand’s public sector, sharing his advice on debt funding and interest rate risk management with many local government organisations.

His expertise is backed by a deep knowledge of debt-capital, banking and credit markets, which allows him to guide borrowers through refinancing and the development of debt raising strategies.

Stuart joined PwC in 2012, with the firm’s acquisition of his high-profile and successful financial risk and treasury advisory company, Asia-Pacific Risk Management.

Since joining PwC, Stuart and his team have continued to specialise in developing policies and methods for proactively managing currency, interest rate and commodity price risks, as well as debt and funding risks for larger borrowers.

Previously, he was a founding member of Bancorp and Westpac Merchant Finance, before moving to London where he held senior management positions with Bank of America, Sanwa Financial Products and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. As Head of Financial Engineering for National Australia Bank he consulted to a number of its subsidiary banks.

Stuart has a unique take on all areas of financial risk management across global and local markets. Why not ask him to put his expertise to work for the benefit of your organisation?

Contact details

Tel: +64 21 343 423



  • Treasury management for private and public sector organisations
  • Financial risk identification and analysis and forensics
  • Debt funding and refinancing and debt raising strategies
  • Interest rate risk management
  • Foreign exchange risk
  • Commodity price risk.