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Dr Victoria  Hatton

Dr Victoria Hatton

Director, Sustainability & Climate Change, PwC New Zealand

A passionate net zero strategist and systems thinker, Victoria has a deep desire to work alongside clients as they navigate their way through the complex climate change conversation and challenges.  

Victoria recently joined PwC bringing over a decade of experience working in climate change adaptation and mitigation, both in New Zealand and internationally. She works with a range of clients including government departments, large and medium sized organisations, local councils, and charities. She has a PhD in geography, using community participation in local planning decision making. 

Victoria also specialises in agri-food production and technology, drawing on her involvement working for the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre and the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome.

Victoria is passionate about creating a better future through the work she does. She actively challenges others to do the best they can to limit their impact on the climate. Unfortunately the world is warming, and Victoria strives to be able to look her children in the eyes and know she has made a difference to the future world they will grow up in. 

Victoria is originally from the UK and New Zealand has been her home since 2005. She is an F45 junkie, loves music, tramping, the beach and sunshine. 


  • Net zero strategist
  • Agri-food production
  • ESG
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Project management