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Wicki Huang

Wicki Huang

Partner, China Business Lead 中国业务部主管合伙人, PwC New Zealand

Wicki is an experienced transaction services professional based in Auckland. She is passionate about solving problems for her clients in the deals environments where she specialises in helping them navigate through the journey of building and growing their businesses.  

Over the last 15 years, Wicki has assisted clients in a variety of engagements, including buy side and sell side due diligence, as well as IPO processes. She has experience across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, forestry and forestry products, finance companies, insurance, education, agriculture, dairy, and consumer products. Since arriving in the country in 2010, she has been involved in a number of iconic transactions in New Zealand.

Born and raised in China, Wicki previously worked for PwC China in the Beijing office. Having worked for a range of clients including Chinese state-owned companies, international private equity firms and multinational corporates, she has a good understanding of deals and more broadly the business environments in both China and New Zealand. She is committed to using her diverse cultural backgrounds and experience to promote and facilitate bilateral investments and businesses activities.

Wicki plays an active role in the local Chinese community and regularly speaks at social and business events to help Chinese companies grow in New Zealand. She also helps Chinese people, including young Chinese women, to thrive in their career.

Outside of work, Wicki enjoys spending time reading, catching up with her friends at cafés/ restaurants, keeping fit in the gym, and playing with her dog at the beach.

Wicki 是奥克兰办公室一位经验丰富的交易服务专家。她热衷于为客户解决交易中遇到的问题,在帮助客户建立和发展业务方面游刃有余。

过去15年,Wicki 协助客户完成各种业务,包括买方和卖方尽职调查,以及IPO流程。她在制造业、林业和林产品、金融公司、保险、教育、农业、乳制品和消费品等多个行业都富有经验。自2010年来到新西兰后,她参与了许多标志性的交易。

Wicki 在中国出生和长大,曾在普华永道中国北京办事处工作。她曾服务于一系列客户,包括中国国有企业、国际私募股权投资公司和跨国公司,她对中国和新西兰的交易以及更广泛的商业环境有很好的理解。她致力于利用其不同的文化背景和经验来促进和推动双边投资和商业活动。

Wicki 在当地华人社区中扮演着积极的角色,定期在社会和商业活动中发表演讲,帮助中国公司在新西兰发展。她还帮助中国人,包括年轻的中国女性,在事业上获得成功。

工作之余,Wicki 喜欢花时间阅读,和朋友们在咖啡馆/餐馆叙旧,在健身房挥洒汗水,和她的狗在海滩玩耍。