Health, safety and wellness

The Health and Safety Reform Bill has created a new focus on health and safety to reduce workplace fatalities, serious harm injuries, and work-related disease and illness. So how do you best navigate these upcoming changes and determine if your current business health and safety plan is fit for the new regulations?

We understand the reform is more than compliance, it's about good business. We can help you make sense of the reform from start to finish, to understand your risk profile and analyse your current response, with a view to defining your future needs. We provide assurance and advice across all key aspects of health and safety frameworks, drawing on experts from all parts of our firm to deliver a holistic solution, from governance, risk and culture to immediate back-up to help manage serious health and safety incidences and investigation.

How we create value for you and your business

Along with helping you carry out health and safety obligations under the new Act, there are many ways we create value for you and your business which include improving health, safety and wellness outcomes for your employees, avoiding hefty fines, reducing costs associated with injuries and illness and increasing employee job satisfaction and productivity.

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