2016 New Zealand CEO Survey AIESEC Findings

New Zealand’s CEOs have clear ideas about the future of business, but how do these stack up against those of tomorrow’s leaders?

To answer this question, we surveyed over 200 members of AIESEC from around the world, asking them the same questions we posed to CEOs in this year’s 19th Annual CEO Survey. What emerges is a picture of where tomorrow’s business leaders feel the world is moving, with some key differences compared to current NZ CEOs.

Among the highlights are:

  • 60 per cent of young leaders are optimistic about growth, compared to 23% of NZ CEOs
  • 85 per cent of our AIESEC respondents feel business will be redefined as being about more than just financial profit
  • a strong workplace culture is the main thing that future leaders want from their employers

The survey also throws up some useful insights into how well we are preparing young leaders. Only 15 per cent felt the education system in their country was preparing them for a digital future. That’s despite 64 per cent saying education is the most important factor in creating future leaders.

Our 2-page briefing paper goes into more detail on how New Zealand CEOs compare to future global leaders. You can also see the full findings by following through to our global site.

216 respondants across 104 countries

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