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New Zealand CEO Survey 2017

20 years inside the mind of the CEO... What's next?


Every day, New Zealand’s CEOs make important decisions about the future. They choose where to invest, they determine where they will export to and they make tough choices about how to navigate an increasingly turbulent world. It’s this turbulence, from Trump and Brexit to fluctuating dairy prices and a new Prime Minister, that is weighing heavily on the decisions our CEOs are making.

Every year we track these tough choices through our CEO Survey, now in its 20th year. Through a series of in-depth interviews and online surveys, we start a conversation with today’s CEOs about what’s important to them, where they see the world heading and what they are doing to keep their company, and the country, in good health.

Since we started having these conversations, we’ve seen the role of the CEO change massively. Today’s leaders are more connected, more digitally savvy and more internationally minded than ever before.

We also have a clear picture of where CEOs see growth coming from within organisations: people, technology and businesses working together. CEOs are working hard to get the right talent and support them with the right technology so they can create the next generation of great local products and services.

A standout from this year’s findings was where New Zealand CEOs see growth coming from. Almost three-quarters said they see new opportunities in partnering with other organisations, a point where local CEOs are well ahead of their overseas counterparts. It’s a hugely positive sign for the country that our business leaders are thinking collaboratively about growth.

I hope you enjoy this year’s survey findings.

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New Zealand CEOs, in their own words

Hear from some of New Zealand’s top CEOs about what they see as the key challenges and opportunities facing them, in our series of in-depth interviews.


Mark Averill

Chief Executive Officer
PwC New Zealand

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Executive
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