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Culture and behaviours

PwC’s Risk Assurance team can help develop your business’s culture and behaviours to make the very most out of your strongest assets – your people.

Creating confidence in your greatest assets

What do you stand for? Your organisation’s culture is a sum of its behaviours, and that’s displayed to the world through the people you employ and the relationships you make – for good and bad.

An attractive culture can motivate and inspire people, although bad apples can become a real systematic issue. The solution isn’t always easy, either; the balance between implementing controls and ‘controlling’ the organisation’s culture and behaviours has fine margins to tread.

Organisations need to listen to the tone from the middle and bottom of the business, as well as the top; measure and monitor behaviour; identify the moments that matter; create more visibility and cohesion around their values and purpose; and align intended, espoused and actual behaviours. 

How PwC can help

Whether you have new senior management, have recently seen a failure in conduct and behaviour, or simply want to start promoting your values across the organisation, PwC’s Risk Assurance team can help you show what you stand for.

We can work with you to answer some pressing questions, by providing:

  • Cultural assessments – Do you understand your strengths and blind spots?
  • Behavioural measurement – Do you have the full picture, and is the data driving the right discussions?
  • Internal Audit – Do you have a robust third line of defence?
  • Assurance – Is your culture change programme delivering?
  • External audit – Are you giving insight to your audit committee?
  • Organisational change – Have you done your people due diligence
  • Benchmarking – How do you compare against your peers? 
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