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Enterprise resilience

No business is safe from change, so you need to be ready to adapt, respond and grow in any market conditions. Enterprise resilience is the key.

Building your business immune system

Today’s business leaders have long been focused on two things – cutting costs and streamlining operation. While both bring tangible advantages, success might come in the form of downgrading your enterprise’s resilience.

Despite many high-profile cases of large organisations being brought to their knees, resilience is still not top of mind for many leaders. Others have put it at the top of their board agendas, and realise that resilience leads to sustainable success.

Investments in enterprise reliance need to be well thought out and backed by the right capabilities, tools and approaches. There needs to be an understanding of the measures that contribute to resilience in the long term. Fortunately, help is at hand.

How PwC can help

Enterprise resilience is like your organisation’s immune system, and PwC’s risk assurance experts aim to get our clients fighting fit.

Think of us like a personal trainer for business resilience; we aim to build you into better shape, and often approach that by:

  • helping you to create a resilience dashboard
  • advising on where you're strong, where you're vulnerable and keeping you aligned with your strategic objectives
  • embedding resilience into your operating models
  • introducing operative and continuous measurements to track improvements
  • keeping you focused with easy communication
  • benchmarking your performance – diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in your board-level reporting
  • providing practical expertise throughout the functions that support resilience
  • stress testing in a safe environment using the tried and tested techniques we’ve developed
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