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Regulatory response

The PwC Risk Assurance team helps businesses of all shapes and sizes turn compliance requirements into opportunities through better regulatory response.

Exceeding under the regulatory microscope

For better or worse, regulation now appears to be a growth industry, meaning regulatory response simply has to keep up.

Businesses around the world are coming under the regulatory microscope – at local, national and international levels – more than ever before. No organisation or sector is untouched by the impact of regulation. The key question is: are you letting regulation happen to you, or are you actively embracing it, influencing and exploiting the opportunities regulatory compliance can bring?

Responding to regulation is often seen as a burden, when it should be viewed as an opportunity. By positioning your organisation on the front foot and embracing regulatory change, you’re being proactive to gain a tangible advantage.

After aligning a course of action to improve regulatory response with your business goals, you can:

  • improve regulatory engagement with the Board and throughout the business
  • achieve freedom from scrutiny and cost efficiency by becoming building trust with the regulator
  • navigate complexity in an increasingly intricate regulatory landscape
  • protect your brand by reducing the risk of regulatory missteps
  • develop regulatory good citizenship by embracing it, not avoiding it.

How PwC can help

How you respond to regulation comes down to your strategy. PwC’s Risk Assurance team builds your resilience to changes in regulation by embedding best practices into your operating model, creating better engagement with compliance and reducing the regulatory risk of non-compliance.

Our team uses deep industry insights, technical experience and expertise to help you prioritise what matters most and give you more agility.

Is it time regulation became an opportunity to your business, and not just a risk?

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