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Third-party trust

Our team in Risk Assurance can help you create a stronger trust profile with your customers, partners, distributors, suppliers and investors.

A lifetime to make, a moment to break

As a business, you’ll constantly make promises to investors, partners, customers and suppliers, and rely upon a wide range of relationships built on trust every single day. Likewise, others make promises to you that you rely upon when managing your business. Commonly with these types of relationships, your own reputation is very much in the hands of others.

From offshoring to outsourcing, companies today work with an increasingly long and interconnected chain of third parties. The unifying link in this chain is promises. If your business finds it difficult to keep promises, trust begins to erode and it will be tough to continue growth in a competitive commercial world.

From over-billing to mis-selling, right up to high-profile events like oil spills and rights violations, the ways for you to lose trust – even through the actions of others – is sizeable. Combine this with the pressures to be profitable and lower costs, and the margin for error is increasingly shrinking.

How PwC can help

PwC’s Risk Assurance team works to revaluate and improve your ecosystem of promises and relationships to help keep your reputation as a business intact. As part of our risk assurance services, we can:

  • help senior management understand your profile of promises and relationships to identify which matter most
  • embed a focus on understanding and keeping promises into your operating model
  • bring you relevant insights by engaging cross-sector
  • help your third parties to keep your promises
  • work with you to improve related policies, processes, data and technology
  • deliver a battle-tested tool kit and a team of experts
  • help to manage supply-chain risks at a global level

Whether your business is suffering from underperformance by third parties, failures by technology suppliers or if you’re simply conscious of the growing risk of losing trust and reputation, our experienced Risk Assurance team can help.

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