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PwC’s Finance and economics services aim to keep organisations ahead of business and regulatory issues while finding value in a complex commercial world.

PwC Finanace and economics

A critical eye for private and public-sector organisations

Private and public-sector organisations

The economy is central to modern life. From small businesses to large corporations and public-sector departments, the current economy and its outlook are central to everything done in the world.

Finance and economics services aim to keep organisations ahead of business and regulatory issues before they become a problem. Similarly, good financial and economic strategy can add value to the business by finding fair advantages, not just by avoiding pitfalls.

Economics advisers work in wide range of industries to give a focused service to a range of private and public-sector organisations. Chances are, they can lend a hand to you, too.

How PwC can help 

PwC’s economics advisers and finance experts are highly qualified professionals whose sole job is to help clients thrive. They work with government, small businesses and household brands alike to guide and advise organisations through the complexity they face – both at home and on the global stage. 

Our Finance and Economics team’s services include:

  • benchmarking
  • business case development
  • cost effectiveness analysis
  • cost modelling and pricing reviews
  • economic impact analysis
  • feasibility studies
  • national competition policy and legislative reviews
  • post-implementation reviews
  • program reviews
  • regulatory impact statements
  • triple bottom line (TBL) benefit-cost analysis.

We pride ourselves on solving complex and varied problems, so we offer tailored advice and guidance when it’s needed. What’s more, PwC’s global presence across more than 150 countries means we can approach issues with the widest possible perspective. By keeping an eye on all the possibilities, we help our clients thrive in the modern world. 

How PwC can help

Economics consulting

An economic perspective for your projects and policies

Are you looking for a powerful tool to make the best decisions when faced with limited resources? PwC’s Economics Consulting Services team will help your organisation find resilience, sustainability and maximum value.

We offer environmental economics and modelling, agricultural economics, policy advice and analysis for local or central government, cost benefit analysis for businesses, and everything in between. Today, with advanced economic modelling and incredible data and analytics capabilities, it’s arguably never been easier to make better decisions.

The future has also arguably never been harder to predict. Organisations of all kinds – from government entities to smaller businesses – are struggling to determine which projects or policies they should undertake, what methodology works best, how they should measure performance and how they tell others about their successes.

How PwC can help

PwC takes economics into the real world of business and government, helping our clients to make quality decisions, even when surrounded by messy information and uncertain futures. We also estimate the economic impact of projects and policies for regulatory applications, budget requests and other purposes.

PwC’s Economics Consulting Services team uses data, vast experience and solid economic thinking to produce estimates of past or future economic impacts. That information helps clients understand their past success and potential options for the future. It also gives them clear stories to share with stakeholders, end-users and the general public.

Our clients get robust, independent analysis that provides trusted information. As a result, organisations can better understand what works and make better plans for the future. They can avoid wasting resources on things that don’t work and focus on the things that do.

How PwC can help


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Our people

PwC Economics is centred around core skills in microeconomics, econometrics and modelling. Our staff also bring a variety of backgrounds to supplement that core. They have training and experience in agriculture, business, law, mathematics, policy, sociology and statistics. As a result, we provide solid analysis along with nuanced interpretation – we can run the numbers and we can also tell you what they mean.

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