Climate-related risks, opportunities and disclosures

Climate-related risks, opportunities and disclosures

Climate change considerations are increasingly on the radar of regulators, financial institutions and the market. The New Zealand Government has signalled its intent to mandate climate-related financial disclosures for 200 organisations, ensuring climate change risks and opportunities are no longer something on the periphery of business planning and decision making.

Businesses need to be prepared to respond to emerging risks and opportunities generated by physical climate change and market and regulatory developments that seek to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to a low carbon economy.

Disclosing the information stakeholders are demanding

Key questions to consider:

  • do you understand how your business will be impacted by climate change and what the financial implications are?
  • what is your current approach to managing and mitigating climate issues?
  • are you ready to respond tactically and strategically?
  • have you got the right data and systems in place?
  • are you in a position to meet investor and lender requests for information?

We can help with:

We  can help you respond to increasing regulatory, investor and public expectations to disclose your management of climate-related risks in line with the TCFD recommendations:

  • climate-related financial disclosure readiness assessment
  • climate governance maturity assessment
  • climate risk and opportunity analysis 
  • scenario development and impact analysis.

Incorporating climate change into your organisation’s short, medium and long term decision making

Key questions to consider:

  • how are climate change impacts reflected in your organisation's strategic vision?
  • do you understand the potential impact of different climate change scenarios on your organisation’s sector, region(s), assets and financial performance?
  • how are changes in consumer preferences, technology, or the economy going to change the way your organisation operates?
  • is your organisation working to ensure it is best positioned to transition and thrive in a rapidly evolving market?

We can help with:

  • identification of transitional and physical climate change risks and opportunities relevant to your organisation

  • climate scenario modelling and risk assessment:

    • forward-looking strategy development incorporating different climate scenarios and assessing the long-term viability of your firm's current operation

    • identification and quantification of business risks caused by climate change or transition to a low-carbon economy under a 2°C or 4°C world vs. BAU

  • comparison of strategies to respond to the risks and opportunities presented by climate change.

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