Spotlight on FBT webinar series

Co-presented by PwC & Taxlab


Our PwC Academy in partnership with Taxlab, will present a three part webinar series, putting the spotlight on Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT). The series will include an overview and refresher on FBT principles,  FBT calculation methods, and the most common errors and pitfalls when preparing and reviewing FBT returns. Co-presented by Isaac Moffat-Young (PwC New Zealand) and Jeremy Dobbie (Taxlab).

In these sessions, we will cover:

Fringe Benefit Tax Overview and Refresher

  • Overview of rules and definitions

    • Single Rate vs Alternate Rate

    • Classified vs Unclassified

    • Attributable vs Non-Attributable

    • De-minimis thresholds

  • Recent law changes and rate increases

FBT Calculation Methods

  • Overview of calculation options

    • Single Rate

    • Short Form Alternate Rate

    • Full Attribution Alternate Rate

    • The New ‘pooled’ alternate rate option proposed in the August 2021 Tax Bill

  • Evaluating your calculation options in 2022

  • Getting help from FBT Calculation software

Most Common Errors and Pitfalls when Preparing and Reviewing FBT Returns

  • Most common errors and pitfalls

    • Data collection

    • Preparing FBT returns

    • Reviewing FBT returns

  • Managing incorrect reporting

  • Reducing risks

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