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The PwC Legal Real Estate team works closely with the PwC Real Estate Advisory team to provide legal advice and transactional services in relation to real estate transactions. Our objective is to deliver efficient and innovative solutions to our clients, drawing on the broad spectrum of real estate knowledge and skills available across the PwC network.

Our clients include investors, developers, government agencies, fund managers and institutions and we act on behalf of the vendor, purchaser, landlord or tenant. Our services cover the whole range of asset classes including residential, retail commercial and industrial.


Our services include

Real estate acquisitions, disposals and commercial leasing

New Zealand is facing a housing affordability and shortage crisis. Against this backdrop, we can help you navigate through the latest developments. We work with investors, developers, government agencies, fund managers and institutions, and act on behalf of vendors, purchasers, landlords or tenants. Our services cover the acquisition, disposal or leasing of the whole range of asset classes, including residential, commercial and industrial.

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Real estate due diligence

Before transacting, carrying out due diligence on the relevant sites is critical and getting the right guidance at the right time will help you navigate any issues with potential acquisitions.  Through our integrated due diligence collaboration with PwC’s Real Estate team we are able to identify specific risks early and provide you with practical solutions.

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Construction and developments

To ensure the commercial success of your construction project, it is imperative you implement measures to manage contractual and legal issues. We apply best practices in your commercial and legal processes so you can better manage your construction projects.

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