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PwC's 22nd CEO Survey: storm clouds and silver linings

What's the outlook for New Zealand CEOs?

How our outlook has changed. In the 2019 PwC CEO Survey we see that any optimism our business leaders felt in the past has fallen sharply.

With the wave of protectionism and populism sweeping the globe, as well as the increasing speed of technological change, it’s not surprising CEOs are looking ahead and seeing an uncertain future.

Our survey provides some insight into how New Zealand businesses can prepare themselves for the future.

Key findings

Is there trouble ahead? New Zealand CEOs signal an unsettled future

In 2019 we see that enthusiasm about global economic growth has dropped, with New Zealand CEOs among the most pessimistic. Similarly, CEOs bullishness about their own growth prospects has fallen in the last 12 months. Domestic issues, such as lack of key skills, cyber threats, over regulation and policy uncertainty are key concerns.

More than a fad? New Zealand businesses debate AI

CEOs see the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) but many don’t know when or if they should start implementing it. When it comes to the reach and consequences of AI as well as the role of government, opinions are divided.

Data, data everywhere: New Zealand CEOs grapple with making sense of the numbers

With data and analytics, it’s clear that extracting value and using data to make better business decisions is something many are struggling with. The talent shortage, data siloing and poor IT infrastructure are impacting how data is interpreted and used.

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