Manukura Māori team

Our Manukura Māori team is deeply woven through PwC New Zealand in all parts of our business, and an embedded te ao Māori world view is at the heart of what we do.

Underpinned by te reo Māori me ōna tikanga through a kaupapa Māori approach, the 80+ strong team focuses on priorities like advancing systemic change to inequity issues, Te Tiriti o Waitangi responsiveness, alternative wealth management (strategy & fund flow) and digital/tech transformation. 

We operate under the principle of being a relationship builder; a connector and an interpreter that bridges the gap between te ao Māori (the Māori world), and the conventional corporate world and government institutions. 

We are passionate about working with iwi, Māori organisations, and organisations working to enhance Māori economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes.

Our whakataukī

He taukaea tangata
ka renarena,
he taukaea raruraru
ka wetekina

"The binds of society are fastened, the binds of complications are alleviated"

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PwC Wananga video 2023

Our Manukura tohu

As a firm that works with diverse organisations across Aotearoa, Manukura’s tohu - or visual identity - represents and celebrates our Māoritanga. Our tohu speaks to who we are as a whānau, what we aspire to achieve and how we’ll get there. The narrative of Manukura is the story that underpins the tohu, representing a bird that leads and carries the moemoea (dreams and aspirations) of its kāhui manu, taking them to new heights and new spaces. 

In this video, our project rōpū share the journey of the development of the Manukura tohu and what excites them about it.

Discover our kaupapa

In 2021 our Manukura whānau came together from around Aotearoa for a wānanga at Te Mahurehure Marae, connecting with each other and our purpose. 

The magic of this experience was captured in this video, which showcases our passion for driving better outcomes for Māori and all of Aotearoa.

Take a couple of minutes to watch and meet the team to hear our “why”.

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Manukura 2023

  Why work with Manukura?

Manukura’s leadership has an eye for the future economic, cultural, social and environmental well-being of iwi and Māori. We apply our critical thinking and solutions-focus to solving problems, whilst drawing on their wider networks - both Māori and non-Māori - for insights. You will be able to draw on their expertise accordingly.


Contact us:

The Manukura team

Gareth Parry

Partner, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 740 750


Keriana Brooking

Partner, Hauora/Health Equity, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 590 1378


Rob Fisher

Technology Consulting Lead Partner, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 277 622 433


Ana Bidois

Partner, Consulting (Equity practice lead), Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 242 7795


Elena Higgison

Ngāpuhi, Director, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 251 4773


Ken Munn

Te Whānau-ā-Apanui | Whakatōhea, Director, Waikato, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 305 8407


Jade Collins

Partner, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

+64 210 443 320


Kylie Reiri

Partner, Analytics, AI and Manukura, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 210 243 3589


Otene Hopa

National Cultural Lead, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 237 8934


Campbell Furlong

Partner, Hawke's Bay, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 525 0568


Ivan Tava

Director, Families, Whānau and Communities Insight and Design, Canterbury, PwC New Zealand

+64 22 012 0351


Tineka Hall

Director, PwC New Zealand

+64 210 505 590


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