Audit and assurance

Contemporary audit and assurance services are not only about financial statements; they strengthen everything from performance to strategy and business resilience

An independent eye for your organisation

Business has changed, but the fundamentals always stay the same. Organisations of all shapes and sizes are tasked with meeting investor expectations, which relies on accuracy, completeness, and the fair presentation of financial statements and disclosures.

And while these traditional business basics stay set in stone, audit and assurance services have grown into a contemporary offering. Today, assurance and audit is involved in more than just financial statements; organisations can improve in every area from performance to people – business resilience to business plans.

It’s about helping management to make well-informed decisions, as well as a valuable safeguard to protect organisations in today’s complex commercial world. Working from the boardroom to the back offices, PwC is on hand to give an independent and experienced viewpoint, building confidence among investors and giving you the blueprint to sustained growth.

Greenhouse Gas and other ESG assurance

Auditing beyond the financials - Environmental, Social and Governance 

As stakeholders demand increasing visibility over ESG topics it is important organisations respond with clear and reliable information. 

PwC can assist by ensuring your organisation has the appropriate controls and processes in place to measure and report on key ESG KPIs with accuracy and confidence.

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Audit committee guide

How audit committee members add value

In the wake of recent corporate reporting failures stakeholders, the investor community and the regulator are sharpening their focus on director’s responsibilities and how effectively these responsibilities are discharged.

The PwC audit committee guide is designed to help members of the audit committee work through the maze of director’s responsibilities in a practical manner.

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Financial reporting

Streamlined annual financial report

We've created the Streamlined annual financial report to demonstrate some simple ideas that companies could apply to make their reports less complex and more accessible. It also highlights areas where the existing accounting regime prevents companies from taking what could be a more effective approach.

Overall, we found that CEOs are displaying a sense of optimism despite the picture they're painting this year of an increasing fluid and disrupted business environment.

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Financial Processes Analyser

Continuous controls monitoring providing full visibility and unique business insights anywhere, anytime

Financial Process Analyser integrates multiple business financial processes into one business intelligence (BI) solution, with full continuous controls monitoring (CCM) capability for exception identification, management and reporting within Microsoft Power BI. 

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