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Supporting and improving the business of Government

Government organisations face pressures and challenges on a wide range of areas including governance, strategy, asset management and economics.

We work frequently with many New Zealand Councils and infrastructure agencies to undertake a range of advisory projects for both the core organisation and associated entities including trusts and CCOs.

We help government agencies solve complex business issues, manage risk and add value to performance through our comprehensive service offerings in human capital, enterprise effectiveness, financial management, governance, risk and compliance, program management, and technology all of which are delivered by our specialists around New Zealand. 

Central Government

To every assignment we bring independence, objectivity and a demonstrated ability to enhance public sector performance. We aim to contribute to advancing government priorities while delivering value for money.

We have been engaged by a number of government departments to undertake high profile New Zealand public sector business cases for complex and substantive capital asset and technology procurements and work alongside agencies to deliver innovative solutions and major Transformation, Process improvement, Capital, Digital and Infrastructure projects.

We help you to focus on addressing the whole picture, integrating the solution with process, structure, people and using the technology to drive meaningful change to achieve your desired outcomes.

How we can help

We are finding the recent Public Sector change agenda is being driven by a number of key challenges and many conflicting forces are shaping government decision making presently:

  • There’s a growing expectation that government agencies will make it easy for the public and businesses to do business with them – this means greater use of digital channels and an increased focus on agencies’ ‘customers’.
  • A change in direction in terms of partnerships with business and the private sector – from infrastructure Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to greater risk-sharing and mutual understanding with business.
  • Major public sector restructures – merging of smaller agencies to form super-agencies and a renewed emphasis on the public service working together as sectors rather than as individual agencies.
  • Fiscal pressures creating an increased focus on agency performance and value for money.
  • Cross-agency led response to the challenge to deliver better back office services to agencies for less cost.

We understand the issues you are facing and the questions you need to ask in the current market climate.

Contact us today to find out how we can work with you.

Public Sector Research Centre

Our Public Sector Research Centre (PSRC) is a place for insights, opinion and research, exploring best practice, views and perspectives on the most pressing challenges being faced by governments.

Visit our Public Sector Research Centre (PSRC)

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