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We now live, work, and play in a digital world. A world where the lines between business, digital and technology are blurring. The speed of technological change is both an opportunity and a challenge for New Zealand businesses trying to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. At PwC we're preparing our people, clients and the community with digital upskilling, tools and technology to grow and solve complex business challenges.

Hear from our transformation leaders as they talk about PwC's vision and the future of work.

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As part of our strategy, The New Equation, we have committed to accelerating our transformation journey. Part of this is how we upskill our people, giving them the knowledge, skills and tools they need to adapt to the digital future. 

To fulfill this promise, we launched the Reimagine Digital program in March 2021, to train employees in the basics of Data processing and visualization, Agile ways of working and Emerging Technologies such as VR, Artificial Intelligence and Digital twins. Our employees are encouraged to use internal digital platforms to create and share digital solutions with their colleagues and clients. Digital transformation teams operate in each department to support digital projects and initiatives, and every employee can participate in the digital transformation of the company.

We have committed over $8 million to upskilling our team of more than 1,700 to give them the knowledge, skills, and tools to work smarter, more efficiently and effectively, and deliver more value to our clients for a better return.

Our current PwC upskilling programmes include:

  • Virtual Digital Academy - intensive training to learn new ways of using data.

  • Digital Accelerator - this course enables our people to become transformation drivers and lead PwC New Zealand into the digital future through various continuing upskilling initiatives.

  • Agile fundamentals and design thinking. 

  • Emerging technologies - a series of courses that introduces AI, XR and Digital Twins

  • Digital Badges - our badges are visitable records of our people acquiring new skills such as Digital Acumen, Human-Centred Design, Inclusive Mindset

We offer a range of digital services to support your business on their digital transformation journey. Explore more about our Digital, Technology Consulting and Customer services.

With a diverse group of experts, we’ll help you think about what’s next and innovate to stay ahead of the game. Connect with our digital experts below.

Digital Accelerator Programme 2023

Our Digital Accelerator programme helps our people develop new skills in data analytics, Agile, human centred design and change management and emerging technology - while helping PwC to build a community of digital experts.

Watch this video to find out what our Digital Accelerators think of the programme.


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