PwC Real Estate Advisory team works with business (small and large), government, local councils, developers and institutions to solve their most complex property issues.

Getting the most from real estate involves a multitude of different skill sets, so PwC's Real estate advisory brings together expertise to operate across the whole real estate value chain, delivering a solution that goes to the heart of your goals.

The key is the integration of services to meet your challenges

  • Think
  • Act
  • Deliver

Understand the challenges. Analyse the options and solve the challenges on paper. Elegant strategies to deal with complex challenges.

Corporate real estate strategy

Organisations understandably want to get the most from their owned or leased real estate, and to reach that goal, they need to achieve operational and capital efficiency. Simple, right? Not without a strong corporate real estate strategy it's not.

PwC’s Real Estate Advisory team uses vast experience in both the New Zealand and overseas markets, and integrates that with PwC's broader business services. In doing so, we help our clients maximise the opportunities for real estate to contribute to the achievement of organisational goals.

Negotiation strategy

Negotiations aren't easy – there are whole libraries of books (of various levels of quality) advising people how to do it. When it comes to high-value assets, such as land and buildings or leased premises, there needs to be a strategy for leveraging the best outcome.

PwC’s Real Estate Advisory team lends its skills and experience in completing real estate transactions and agreements in a wide range of markets. With the right expertise in place, we assist our clients in negotiating the smartest deals when it comes to owned or leased property.

Financial and risk analysis

When it comes to real estate, financial and risk analysis is all about understanding the financial parameters for property investments, developments or occupancy. Analysing financial risk involves looking at the expected outcomes and then using that information to reduce risk profiles. It's also something that PwC is well known for around the world.

But did you know we also use this expertise specifically for real estate investments? Because we're integrated with PwC's wider service offerings, we can use this knowledge and expertise as a means to add value and mitigate risks to property projects.

Business cases

Not all decisions are great ones – in fact, some research suggests that around half of important business decisions end in failure! The periodic or 'lumpy' requirement for large real estate decisions means you'll want to make sure you're right more than you are wrong.

PwC's Real Estate Advisory team supports robust decisions through rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysis and regularly uses the Crown's Better Business Case methodology to help clients maximise real estate decision outcomes.

Ensuring our clients get the best deal. We join our clients in the negotiating room to protect their interests.

Tenant representation

Many organisations choose to lease rather than own property. The team at PwC Real Estate Advisory advises and represents tenants to help them find the most suited properties and the best deal.

And you don't have to wait until your lease is close to expiring. Old, new or to-be-built buildings – we help our clients with market reviews, options analysis, negotiations through to documentation of lease or development agreements.

Complex commercial negotiations

When the going gets tough, our Real Estate Advisory team gets going. PwC’s people have the experience, knowledge and commercial perspectives to negotiate complex commercial real estate matters and help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. We have a great track record for getting deals done.


PwC’s Real Estate Advisory division has advised on property acquisitions throughout New Zealand and abroad. We bring together advisory and negotiation services to help ensure any real estate acquisition meets our clients’ strategic, financial and operational objectives.


There are plenty of reasons why owners may want to dispose of a property, whether it’s to redirect capital to another property project or wider business areas, or simply to realise equity.

PwC Real Estate Advisory can assist formulating a divestment strategy, transaction structuring and working on everything from vendor due diligence, market engagement and negotiation to deal execution. PwC Real Estate Advisory is a licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.

Due diligence

Due diligence on either the buy or sell side of a property transaction is essential for managing expectations and minimising risk. Evaluating the commercial potential of a transaction, performing appraisals and understanding physical and financial information are some of the foundations of due diligence in real estate.

It’s not just about information, it’s about what that information means.

Making it happen. Managing the delivery of physical assets or implementing the agreement. Cutting risk so there are no surprises.

Project leadership

Real estate projects often require a multi-disciplined team of experienced individuals working together. Objectives, tasks and timeframes need to be clear, and communications have to be consistent. In short, effective real estate project leadership is essential.

At PwC Real Estate Advisory, we are able to lead property projects to help ensure the timely and effective delivery of our clients' desired outcomes. From design and consenting management to construction and delivery management, our experienced leaders make this possible.

Transaction management

PwC Real Estate Advisory ensures the transaction side of a property or portfolio acquisition, disposal, or leasing runs smoothly, proactively anticipating and dealing with obstacles and opportunities to enhance transaction outcomes.

Our people are experts in successfully guiding real estate projects through all stages of the transaction. We're part of PwC Deals for good reason!

Project management

Real estate projects are long-term investments and often represent substantial capital expenditure. That requires ongoing management of the project, from people, design, financial and operating standpoints. We can assist with the day-to-day management and provide our clients with peace of mind.

PwC Real Estate Advisory uses management expertise and assistance to help deliver client projects on time, within budget and to the standards they expect.

Developer procurement

Local and central government play a key role in our communities to revitalise our cities and deliver projects that catalyse better urban design and community outcomes. In addition, universities, SOEs and other private institutions hold large real estate assets that embed development potential, but do not necessarily have the balance sheet and capability to develop themselves.

PwC Real Estate Advisory can act on behalf of the public sector and institutions on developer procurement to ultimately partner with the private sector and deliver important regeneration projects. PwC brings strong underlying property and development skills, extensive procurement experience and an ability to carefully manage the trade-offs the public sector inevitably has to consider to achieve wider objectives.

Transaction structuring

Whether you are seeking to sell a single asset or a portfolio, procure new purpose-built premises via a lease, establish a network of assets, unlock capital from you real estate assets, or acquire a shareholding in a real estate asset, the decisions made prior to the transaction will inevitably have a material impact on its outcomes.

We can advise you on strategies regarding lease structuring, capital structure, packaging, staging, marketing and delivery strategies to ensure a strong and optimum response from the market.

Development advisory

Successful development projects rely on excellent planning and positioning (and a little help from the market is always appreciated!). PwC has a deep understanding of development, the importance of delivering the right product mix at a cost:value level that is market appropriate.

We can assist with value engineering, independently review development proposals, and also advise on deliverability and project governance from start to finish..

Feasibility analysis

Making informed decisions on investment opportunities and development projects requires sound financial analysis that appropriately reflects markets (both current and forecast), and investment/development returns that reflect the balance between risk and return.

Feasibility analysis is a core skill at PwC Real Estate Advisory, and underpins a large proportion of the advice we provide.

Assurance reviews

Providing assurance to clients is a core part of what PwC does. PwC Real Estate Advisory can undertake reviews to benchmark your assets, costs, systems and processes to ensure they are right for the organisation and advise how they compare to the market.

Litigation support

PwC Real Estate Advisory includes senior team members experienced in a range of litigation support roles, having acted as experts on property-related disputes relating to professional indemnity claims, rent reviews, development agreements, management contracts and general property law claims.

The PwC Real Estate Advisory Partners are all Registered Valuers and Fellows of both the New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV) and the Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ).



The challenges facing our clients that we help solve

  • Corporate client
  • Institutional client
  • Overseas investor, developer
  • Government client

“How do I use property to redirect capital to core operations and business?”

Although there are plenty of avenues to go down, one common example is a sale-and-leaseback transaction – redeploying real estate that sits on a businesses balance sheet into core parts of the business. PwC Real Estate helps to structure and complete deals where businesses continue to have the use of the property through a lease, while also having capital freed up.

We also help to achieve added value from property by working strategically to maximise the utility and returns on real estate. For businesses seeking some financial flexibility, there are almost always options held in their bricks and mortar.

“How can I optimise my property to advance our organisation’s mission and objectives?”

A good example of this type of assistance is our university clients. These institutions need to use their property in the best possible ways to reach the outcome of providing better education. They need to maximise the utilisation of their campuses and ensure accommodation investments are attractive and fit for purpose for students.

Using our experience in strategy and execution, the team at PwC Real Estate works to ensure the efficient use of property and deliver fit-for-purpose assets that complement an institution’s operations.

“What are the rules of play in New Zealand and who can I trust to help me?”

Being part of the wider PwC world is a big advantage for our Real Estate division. We can utilise our expertise in tax and finance to ensure investors and developers stay compliant with local requirements as we work towards your property goals.

We understand relevant legislation, tax laws and how best to structure real estate transactions to work with restrictions – meaning our clients do, too. Meanwhile, PwC’s global presence gives us the capacity to work internationally. We develop cross-border relationships and stay on top of overseas rules and regulations. How many real estate advisors can say that?

“How do we use our property portfolio to meet our policy objectives and drive social outcomes?”

A local body may own a large land asset, and they could just sell it, but they’re interested in using the land to promote social outcomes or meet policy objectives. Government often wants to stay involved in the deal and influence or control the wider outcomes, so it’s about putting in place arrangements that allow for such objectives.

PwC Real Estate are experts at working to meet different outcomes, be they financial or to promote improvements in our society. We help to ensure local or central government clients can deliver on their mandate and policy objectives in such areas as housing, infrastructure and more.

Clients we've helped


Central Government

  • Creative NZ
  • Government Property Group
  • Land Information NZ
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • New Zealand Transport Agency
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • The Treasury

Local Government

  • Auckland Council
  • Auckland Transport
  • Development Christchurch Ltd
  • Napier City Council
  • Otakaro Limited
  • Panuku Development Auckland
  • Queenstown Lakes District Council
  • Wellington City Council


  • Accessible Properties
  • New Zealand Racing Board
  • Unitec Institute of Technology
  • Universal College of Learning
  • University of Auckland
  • University of Canterbury
  • Victoria University of Wellington


  • BNZ
  • Chorus
  • Contact Energy
  • Fletcher Construction Company
  • Fonterra
  • New Zealand Post
  • SkyCity
  • Spark
  • Westpac
  • Willis Bond & Co

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