Emerging and fast-growing business

Emerging businesses are an incredible source of innovation. PwC provides expert advisory services and more to help them get their great ideas off the ground.

Helping Kiwi companies take flight

Kiwi companies with proven potential have a big challenge ahead – but a real opportunity to create something unique and exciting. From accessing overseas markets and finding the right legal and tax structures to reinvesting their revenue in the most advantageous way, there are a number of steps high-growth businesses have to take.

With the right strategy, fledgling Kiwi companies can plan, develop, scale and take flight, adding to NZ Inc.’s growing list of innovative startups and early-stage businesses.

That’s where PwC comes in – as advisors and solution providers to help these companies make the most of their significant opportunities. 

How PwC can help

Today, we’re seeing emerging and fast-growth businesses solve some age-old issues, as well as new ones based in the digital world. We’re excited by the opportunity to join you on your journey from a small operation to one that can expand across the globe and into overseas markets, or simply to make a difference here in New Zealand.

As well as being advisors, we provide support with things like tax, compliance, legal, strategy and finance – some of the technical areas that rarely form part of a young business’ key capabilities.

It costs nothing to get to know us, and we’re careful to ensure our support and fees are the right fit for early-stage businesses. We want to play a part in getting great Kiwi companies off the ground – and we’re in it for the long haul.

Challenges we can help you with

  • Helping define strategic and business plans
  • We offer sales advisory services that help businesses go to market faster with reduced risk, rapid cash generation and sustainable, long-term revenue growth
  • Designing tailored management and investor reporting on the financial and non-financial metrics to make better decisions and build investor confidence
  • Accessing R&D grant funding and tax concessions to reduce the cash cost of R&D 
  • Developing and implementing effective employee share ownership plans to attract, retain and reward key talent
  • Recommending and implementing practical structures for entry to overseas markets to maximise opportunities and manage risk
  • Optimising your cloud add-on ecosystem to increase efficiencies and access quality data
  • Helping you to manage commercial, legal and tax risks as your business grows
  • Capital raising strategy and support services
  • Introductions to relevant Government agencies such as New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Callaghan Innovation and industry bodies

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