Reimagining hauora for kiwis

Me mahi tahi tātou mo te oranga o te katoa

We must work together for the wellbeing of all

Aotearoa New Zealand’s health and disability system is facing complex challenges and there's a critical need to reimagine hauora for kiwis. Working together with public and private organisations, we’re focused on moving forward to build sustainable and systemic change.

Our market leading Hauora practice is credibly entrenched in Aotearoa New Zealand’s health sector. We understand health and wellbeing from the inside out and bring a unique perspective through the diversity of our people. Our team includes clinical, commissioning, leadership, equity, service design, digital health, infrastructure, transaction and investment specialists. We’re passionate about working with you to make a real difference.

We’ll bring a wide range of capabilities and important learnings from working with a large range of health and wellbeing organisations. With our team you’ll see agility, pace and impact, which is why we’re trusted by many to find solutions the right way.

Our principles:


Making connections by building and creating authentic relationships with clients.


Working together collaboratively with clients to achieve the desired outcomes.


Building the understanding, sharing of information and thought leadership with clients.


Working to ensure the clients voice is heard and protected.


Creating opportunities for clients to lead and create transformational change.

PwC offers expertise across six specialised areas:

Transformation and change

Supporting your organisation undergoing comprehensive change, we can help you optimise your operations and navigate through periods of significant change.

Digital Health

Leveraging technology to transform healthcare, improving your patient outcomes, operational efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

Strategy and service design

Collaborating closely with you to conduct research and analysis, design customer-centric operation models or models of care, enabling you to stay ahead, enhance satisfaction, and drive growth.


Working towards fairness and cultural safety, we partner with you to implement your policies and processes that address disparities and promote diversity and inclusion.


Supporting public sector organisations to plan, design, procure and implement effective services and programmes that have a positive impact on communities.

Assets, Investments & Transactions

Providing planning support for capital projects, infrastructure development, and investment activities that enable you to make informed decisions, maximise returns, and ensure the successful execution of your asset and infrastructure projects.

We’re proud of our multidisciplinary and multicultural Hauora team.

As a caring team of thought leaders, we will offer you a wide network of strong relationships. Like us, our health and social sector connections want to make a real difference. Together, we build bridges and opportunities for our clients in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Pacific, and beyond by creating positive and sustainable change to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Hauora at PwC is about creating change.

Please join us in reimagining hauora for kiwis.

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Meet our Hauora team

Contact us

Dr Monique Faleafa

Partner, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 2135166


Keriana Brooking

Partner, Hauora/Health Equity, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 590 1378


Mathew Parr

Partner, Consulting, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 352 5995


Data and Digital

Simon Harger-Forde

Director, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

+64 21665347



Ana Bidois

Partner, Consulting (Equity practice lead), Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 242 7795


Strategy to Implementation

Mathew Parr

Partner, Consulting, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 352 5995


Business Models and Infrastructure

Mark Robinson

Director, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 665 786


Commissioning for Outcomes

Rosalind Poole

Director, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 232 1000


Risk Assurance

Mathew Parr

Partner, Consulting, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 27 352 5995


James Rees-Thomas

Risk Services Leader, Wellington, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 462 410


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