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Growth through diversity: talent, geography and business models

As accountant and business advisor to many of the world's leading entertainment and media companies, we’ve got an insider's view of the key trends and developments driving the industry. Known as an industry thought-leader, our entertainment and media (E&M) practice publishes the annual Global entertainment and media outlook and other surveys and whitepapers highlighting current and future trends in the industry. 

How we can help

While we’re widely known for our assurance services, we also offer a full range of tax and advisory services. In recent years we’ve done pioneering work in areas such as developing strategies to leverage digital technology; marketplace positioning in industries characterised by consolidation and convergence; and identifying new sources of financing.

Entertainment & media challenges we can help you with:

  • attracting and retaining customers
  • financial reporting of key metrics
  • managing and protecting content rights and royalties
  • doing business on a global scale
  • industry convergence
  • reducing costs and enhancing efficiency in core business operations
  • making the most of mergers and acquisitions
  • tax issues related to content sales and international operations
  • gaining maximum value from human capital

We offer advice on:

  • free to air and subscription television
  • film
  • music
  • radio
  • publishing
  • gaming
  • online and interactive games
  • telecommunications
  • hospitality
  • sport.

NZ Film Commission - Screen Production Grants:

Providing assurance on Screen Production Grant applications

A thorough understanding of the relevant Screen Production Grant is vital to maximise your claim. Applications must be prepared to a high standard and in accordance with the letter and intent of the criteria. We have successfully assisted several productions in this.

Services we can provide

  • We could discuss with you and provide direction on which Screen Production Grant you qualify under.
  • Next we can examine the expenses that you claimed as qualifying expenditure and assess these against the Qualifying New Zealand Production Expenses criteria. We could help build your understanding of the criteria and answer your questions on the tricky areas.
  • As one of the NZ Film Commission’s approved auditors we can also provide the independent assurance required to support your final application for a Screen Production Grant.

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