Primary industries

Primary industries drive New Zealand, and we aim to play a part in securing its future through tailored, expert advice, insights and assistance.

Refining a Kiwi classic for the modern world

Primary industries in New Zealand make up more than half of our land use, directly or indirectly employ around one in five Kiwis and create tens of billions of dollars in revenue. It’s important to our entire country that the sector not only keeps going but finds newer, smarter ways of working.

From large corporations to small family agri-businesses – and every type of primary industry organisation in between – the sector has its own challenges and opportunities. Fighting against food fraud, creating environmentally sustainable practices and being prepared for the effects of moving global markets are just some of the things on the minds of our farmers and food producers.

Fortunately, we gave the tools to help us grow our capabilities as an industry. Technology has improved the efficiency of production, data has provided better insights over what the future holds and digital resources have given organisations a new platform to manage operations.

How PwC can help

In a world of volatile commodity markets, a fluctuating dollar, environmental challenges, rampant technology and changing consumer tastes, PwC offers some stability. We work hard to make sure our clients aren’t surprised by change, and can even use it to their competitive advantage.

We combine local experience with a global network to provide highly tailored services for New Zealand’s primary industries, meeting their needs on both a regional or international scale. Whether you need us to bring about innovation, transform to smarter farm management, prepare for changing consumption patterns, improve food security, refine your export business, build regulatory trust or access capital, we have the people who can help.

We’re motivated by the challenges ahead. The global population is currently growing by one million people per week – adding roughly a new New Zealand to the world every month. We think that gives our country a great opportunity to become an even greater player in our global food chain. It will require sustainable business planning and a keen eye for detail, but we think PwC can play a significant part in making the future of our primary industries one we can all be proud of.

Challenges we can help you with

  • Getting value from buy- or sell-side transactions
  • Finding the right commercial opportunities
  • Capital raising and debt refinancing
  • Assessing the effects of environmental factors on asset values
  • Investing intelligently in research and development
  • Investing intelligently in technology and innovation
  • Succession planning
  • International tax and transfer pricing
  • Structuring acquisitions, divestments and restructures
  • Cross-border trade
  • Meeting various legal and compliance requirements
  • Much, much more


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