Energy and utilities

A strong economy relies on sufficient sources of energy; oil, gas, electricity, coal and others

Having secure, affordable energy is important to all of us, from consumers to politicians and business owners. A strong economy relies on sufficient sources of energy; oil, gas, electricity, coal and others. We've been providing assurance, advisory and tax services to the power & utilities, mining, and oil & gas industry sector for decades. Learn more about our services in the following industry sectors. 

Power and utilities

New Zealand's electricity industry has undergone major changes. Just a couple of decades ago, local footprints were prevalent. Now we have fewer network companies and competitive national generation and retailing markets.

The capital investment challenge across the sector is large and is taking companies into new areas, both in terms of technological possibility and engineering feasibility.

Companies are anticipating a future with an increasing mix of generation technologies, and where the shape of the industry will be different. It's not just the mix of generation that's changing but how it's optimised and what it's used for, as more people and technologies connect with the grid in smarter ways.

The role of electricity is expanding. It's already the power behind most applications in modern life and will become even more so if electric cars become common.

How we can help

We're the preeminent advisor to the electricity sector in New Zealand. Our in-depth experience means we know the sector, its issues and challenges, and the key players. For us, it's not just about providing the 'right' answers to our clients. Our team of industry specialists remains focused on relationships to help our clients navigate the complex electricity sector, and deliver on objectives.

We have made considerable investments to ensure our people are not only technically strong, but also have deep industry experience and expertise. Our programme provides in depth commentary on key issues faced by the electricity sector. 

We're the preeminent advisor to the electricity sector in New Zealand.

The generation and retail markets are competitive.

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Oil and gas

New Zealand has a long established oil and gas industry. Crude oil is New Zealand’s fourth largest export (after dairy, meat and wood) and there are approximately 20 oil and gas fields currently in production. Most oil produced is exported and the gas produced accounts for around 20% of New Zealand’s primary energy supply.

The industry is centred in the Taranaki region (on the West Coast of the North Island), however other regions, both onshore and offshore, are undergoing active exploration. 

Historically the industry has been dominated by large multinationals (such as Shell) and New Zealand based company, Todd Energy. More recently has seen the emergence of smaller businesses (backed by foreign investors) seeking to exploit smaller finds, predominantly onshore.

Energy companies today are facing an increasingly tough environment. Tightening regulatory requirements, changing geopolitics, greater competition and higher stakeholder expectations are just some of the issues which can make it difficult for companies in this industry to get ahead. Finding new reserves requires greater investment management and new technology. And, while energy companies need to invest more to reap the rewards, they remain under constant pressure to keep costs down, improve efficiency and manage risks.

How we can help

PwC is the world's leading advisor to the energy industry, working with every segment of the business – from upstream to midstream to downstream to provide business solutions tailored to meet your needs.

We excel in serving oil and gas companies because of our skills, experience and teams of industry specialists. For more than 100 years we have helped energy companies succeed. In New Zealand, our national and local teams advise businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout Auckland, Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago. Small, large, local, global, old, new – we've seen what it takes to make a business successful.

Being part of the PwC global network allows us to pull on the experienced industry leaders across New Zealand and throughout the world, giving you the best industry advice and insights into the oil and gas industry.

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