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What is generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that allows us to create, enhance, summarise and analyse unstructured data such as text, code, voice and images. It signifies the start of a period of human progress where computers are not just sophisticated calculators, but creators, thinkers, and even dreamers. The ability for computers to not only create and think but to interact with humans using natural language is a game changer and presents an opportunity for organisations to transform their business, save time and money, allowing people to focus on higher-value activities.

Developing and deploying AI capability is no longer limited to data scientists - solutions can now be both business and citizen-led. The resulting speed and productivity that generative AI brings can allow organisations to transform their business, so long as they manage the risks to security, privacy, bias, ethics and brands.

You now have the ability to automate and enhance aspects of almost all business operations, ranging from customer service to software development and data analytics. For example, it can:

  • Improve how you engage with your customers by enabling self-service
  • Automate high-volume tasks, such as processing insurance claims and communications or software development tasks
  • Make it easier for your teams to understand all the unstructured data that matters - contracts, invoices, customer feedback, policies, performance reviews.

Building and maintaining trust with stakeholders, from your Board to your customers and regulators, means you need to consider how your organisation uses AI responsibly. Generative AI is no exception. You need to balance both ongoing governance over data and performance, and be responsive to emerging issues around human-machine interaction, job displacement, and unintended consequences of algorithms.

We are a community of solvers - consultants, engineers, developers, data scientists, and design specialists - with experience and knowledge to implement and provide oversight on generative AI. Complemented by alliances with other leading tech companies and academic institutions, we are creating solutions that help you reimagine certain areas of your business to unlock more value.

PwC is already working on hundreds of generative AI use cases — both for clients and within our own organisation to drive efficiency and productivity.

4 ways to safely accelerate AI in your business

Tomorrow’s AI leaders are setting their strategies today. Organisations can start with low-risk, high-return pilot programmes, but for long-term success there are four key areas of focus to set yourself up for success.

Align AI strategy with business strategy

Build an institutionalised portfolio of AI capabilities

Develop enterprise-wide AI capability

Establish AI-appropriate governance for security and risk mitigation


Find the AI opportunities with the highest return on investment. Test concepts thoroughly for rapid adoption. Deliver innovative solutions at scale.

Our AI specialists offer expertise and experience with: natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, data engineering, automated machine-learning, digital twins, embodied AI, responsible AI, and more.

AI insights for business leaders

Watch PwC New Zealand Partner and Asia Pacific Leader in Generative AI, Scott McLiver outline some of the key steps for business leaders to take in their Generative AI journey.


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Integrating AI into your business

Our recent AI Masterclasses led by our PwC Asia Pacific and global AI experts, explored business-led approaches to revolutionising enterprise strategy and kickstarting AI journeys. Check out our video below where our presenters cover practical tips including scaling Generative AI, preparing workforces, and navigating AI regulations. 

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AI Insights

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