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Our goal is to leverage our skills,  financial and intellectual resources, other businesses and the wider community to help  resolve the societal issue of ‘children’s wellbeing’ in New Zealand and  advance governance in the Not-for-profit sector in Aotearoa.

Started in 2004, the PwC Foundation is our community involvement programme. The Foundation provides the opportunity to bring together PwC's activities and involvement with the community to focus efforts and make a significant and lasting contribution by leveraging the enormous talent, enthusiasm and generosity of PwC staff across Aotearoa New Zealand. 

The Foundation's core cause is child wellbeing, primarily through education brought to life through two literacy programmes facilitated by PwC staff in low decile schools. FLiP is our Financial Literacy programme, and Toitoi is our reading programme. The secondary focus is giving back to the community by encouraging and facilitating PwC people into Not-for-profit governance roles through our PwC On Board and Board Shadow programmes. The third focus is to support regional PwC offices and staff to engage with local charities and celebrate PwC staff making a difference within their communities.

What is the PwC On Board programme?

PwC On Board supports  our people across the firm who want  to secure a board or advisory role with a Not-for-profit (NFP). As professionals, we have a role in driving social change across Aotearoa New Zealand. PwC On Board aims to bridge the gap between corporate Aotearoa New Zealand and the NFP sector, between our people and their communities. This programme is a practical way of bringing our firm’s purpose - to build trust in society and solve important problems - to life. 

Through PwC On Board, our people can use their professional skills to give back to the community, broaden their governance knowledge and networks, and contribute towards building more sustainable organisations.For the NFPs and bodies they serve, they access the time, talent and networks of a range of professionals.

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What is the PwC On Board Shadow programme?

The PwC On Board Shadow programme is a national initiative designed as part of our broader On Board programme to help grow governance opportunities at a junior level. We do this by pairing junior staff to board shadow opportunities in the not-for-profit sector.

Some of the many advantages of the On Board Shadow programme: 

  • Help address the experience gap faced by skilled younger professionals seeking to gain governance experience 

  • Insights into board dynamics

  • Tap into a range of skills and sector experience to suit requirements 

  • Develop and foster talent to help succeed at a governance level in tomorrow’s boardrooms

  • More of a youth voice and perspective

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Making a difference with financial literacy education

At PwC, we engage with our communities by utilising our skills and resources where they'll have the most significant benefit. We have over 1,800 well-educated and highly motivated staff, and one attribute widely shared by these individuals is financial literacy. Playing to that strength, we deliver our financial literacy programme - FLiP, in low-decile primary schools across Aotearoa New Zealand.

We proudly equip our future generations with skills and knowledge that allows that individual to make informed and effective decisions with their financial resources. 

Since FLiP’s launch in August 2015, we have delivered the lessons to over 14,000 Kiwi kids in low decile schools - helping to equip the next generation with knowledge and skills to manage their financial resources.  

Starting financial literacy education at a young age, gives students the greatest opportunity to grow their knowledge as they progress through their schooling.

Putting literacy first

The PwC Foundation has partnered with Toitoi to deliver a reading programme in low-decile schools. Toitoi is a quarterly journal of writing and art by New Zealand children aged 5–13. Our staff use volunteer time to go into low decile schools nationally, read the journals, and look at the creative artwork with the kids. We have 26 schools across Aotearoa New Zealand taking part in 2022.

More about PwC's Toitoi reading programme

What's involved: We tailor the approach for the classroom involved  by creating a relaxed reading time where we go into a classroom with a team of eight PwC staff members who each take a small group of children to read and discuss the journals with. Each term PwC then donates the journal to the schools; one for each child in the class to take home and share with their whānau and 30 to be shared amongst the school for everyone to enjoy. The children are also encouraged to submit writing and artwork to be considered for publication in the journal - which generates an aspirational element within the programme. We also provide teachers with the resources to encourage reading, writing and creative art work within their classrooms.

Scaling up: Lockdowns prompted us to pivot our approach, utilising technology to connect with tamariki virtually. The result was incredible - an engaging, adaptable and inspiring programme that enabled us to connect with schools throughout the motu. We have now adopted this programme permanently to compliment our in-person sessions, and we’re continuously enhancing and expanding it to positively impact more schools in more locations across the country.

Time commitment: Four one-hour sessions over the calendar year (one hour in the class per term). Four boxes of journals per year are donated to each school taking part.

Childrens ages: Year 3/4 5/6 7/8's - ages 6-12.

If you’re a decile 1-4 school and keen to be a part of this opportunity contact us to be considered for 2024.

Opportunities for staff

Volunteer Time

Reflecting PwC’s purpose to build trust in society and solve important problems, PwC New Zealand is committed to driving positive social change through skilled volunteering. We encourage our people to offer their time and expertise to our coordinated PwC Foundation skilled volunteering programmes FLiP (financial literacy programme), Toitoi (reading in schools programme) and PwC On Board (board placement programme). We also recognise our staff have connections with non-for-profit and community organisations and are supportive of our people using skilled volunteer time to support these organisations.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving enables all permanent and fixed term PwC employees the opportunity to donate to the PwC Foundation directly from their monthly salary. Every dollar received goes to New Zealand low decile primary schools who have adopted our Financial Literacy (FLiP) and/or Toitoi Reading Programmes in their schools for practical educational needs. 

Top up funding

The PwC Foundation supports the charity work of our people by topping up the money they raise by 25%. Whether they are completing a sponsored run or walk, growing a moustache or holding a bake sale, the PwC Foundation can top up their cash contribution to significantly increase their contribution to the charity.

PwC Foundation Champions Network

The PwC Foundation Champions Network helps us drive internal staff engagement for our Foundation programmes so more staff and partners are able to contribute to our communities.

Watch our videos

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Toitoi video


Our coaches in action, reading with the kids at St. Therese School.

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Flip financial literacy video

FLiP - Our financial literacy

Children from one of our FLiP schools discuss financial literacy in their own words. 

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Rosie Jerram Flip video

FLiP - Rosie Jerram shares her experience

Graduate, Rosie Jerram speaks on her experience with our FLiP programme and how working with children at an early age around financial literacy can have a positive impact.

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