Technology consulting

PwC’s Technology Consulting team lends its expertise, skills and global perspective to help Kiwi organisations adopt new technologies and change for the better.

Architecting technology changes

If there’s one thing that has always bred human development, it’s technology. From the wheel to the rocket and beyond, we’ve never stopped finding more impressive technology innovations to advance our species. With so many exciting emerging technologies coming over the horizon, it seems we won’t be stopping any time soon, either.

That’s why technology change is so important for organisations of all shapes and sizes; they need to make sure they’re making the most of all the resources available to them. Along with that comes a chance to boost productivity, reduce errors, improve security, streamline regulation requirements, get more insight into customers, and many more things in between.

However, it’s a double-edged sword, and if businesses don’t approach technological change in the right way, they may create a cauldron of confusion, IT downtime, poor delivery and implementation, or a technology strategy that doesn’t actually meet the business’ needs at all.

How PwC can help

PwC’s Technology Consulting team advises New Zealand organisations on every aspect of technological change, and how to get the most from it. Our experts make sure to focus on what’s truly important to you, so you’ll get solutions created to your unique needs.

We’re proud to say our team has a long and accomplished history of assisting some of New Zealand’s most prominent businesses in bringing about some of the largest technology change programmes ever seen in the country. This often includes assisting the CIO of the organisation to define, develop and deliver innovative technology strategies that are closely aligned to the organisations business strategy and goals.

We also:

  • provide innovative strategies to manage the balance between reducing IT costs while maintaining and improving the level of IT service
  • manage all the important interfaces between implementing technology and managing the business change required
  • focus on the delivery of the business benefits and drive the programme to achieve expectations
  • guide the programme and support the organisation to get the most out of its vendors, who specialise in core technology implementation
  • design and develop information management strategies to simplify the way information is reported and consumed
  • implement solutions that define the key performance metrics and KPIs to make business performance easier to understand.

We’re confident that with our experienced team, the tools we have on hand and our global perspective, we will be able to find a way to help you get the most out of technology.

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