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Customer strategy

We help our clients design outside-in customer strategies which develop value propositions that address customers’ underlying needs and desired outcomes. We ensure it is underpinned by Analytics and Experience Design to build differentiated experiences that align with your core brand promise.

Key questions to consider:

  1. Who are your target customers and what do they value?
  2. Do your value propositions solve customers’ underlying needs, pain points and desired outcomes, or just communicate the value of your products?
  3. Are your business functions customer or product-centric and do they allow for a unified view of the customer across your organisation?
  4. Is your organisational strategy focused on customer-centric growth and innovation, or is it product and brand-led?

How we can help you:

  • Support you to understand who your customers are and how to segment them
  • Co-create customer-centred value propositions, products and services in response to customer needs
  • Help grow and evolve your organisation, build new capabilities and talent to deliver on your customer strategy
  • Help you ensure that your strategy is underpinned by customer insight and analytics and is integrated with the end-to-end customer experience

Customer experience

Are you aligning your brand promise, products and services, channels and pricing with your customers’ touchpoint and consumption experiences? Customer Experience is now one of the key sources of competitive advantage. Get it right and it will build customer engagement and revenues; get it wrong and risk losing customers, negative impact on your corporate reputation and loss in revenues and market share.

Key questions to consider:

  1. Do you proactively anticipate customer needs and deliver to their expectations?
  2. Do you understand the customer journey and the moments that matter along the way?
  3. Do you offer customers a multichannel experience where they can engage anywhere, anytime?
  4. Are all your channels integrated to deliver a seamless customer experience?

How we can help you:

  • Work with you to map the customer journey, identify the moments that matter, and design and implement a differentiated  customer experience that delivers on your brand promise
  • Help you to develop a multi-channel experience that is integrated across channels and to back office systems to deliver a seamless experience
  • Help you identify how digital technologies can optimise and enhance the customer experience, whether through new channels or new products and services

Customer analytics

Harnessing the value of data and building customer analytics into a core business competency will define the next winners. It’s more than product, price and service – it’s also about convenience and getting to the right customer at the right time with the right offering. Customer insights should underpin every dimension of your customer strategy, whether that be customer experience design, marketing, sales or service optimisation. Analytics extends beyond traditional customer data points to include behavioural economics, social and digital intelligence, and creating a single view of the customer.

Key questions to consider:

  1. What is your customer data and analytics strategy?
  2. What data do you collect and analyse and which decisions do the resulting insights inform?
  3. Do you have a single view of the customer based on all the data you collect? How is this used to enhance your customer offering and experience while optimising profitability?
  4. What internal capabilities do you have to execute your data and analytics strategy? Are your people comfortable working with new sources of digital and social data? How about using novel modelling and simulation techniques?

How we can help you:

  • Partner with you to develop a holistic data strategy to create new value levers for your business
  • Support you in identifying new sources of data and analytics techniques and approaches to generate value-adding insights to enable you to make informed business decisions
  • Help you create new data and analytics capabilities internally and build new organisational constructs to support them
  • Conduct analyses, modelling and simulation for you using our internal cutting edge data analytics and simulation capabilities
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