Griere Cox

Griere Cox

Partner, Consulting, PwC New Zealand

Griere is motivated by supporting organisations to prioritise people-centred change in their operating models. She is passionate about working with leaders to align their business’ capabilities and structure in order to maintain a diverse, educated and adaptable workforce. Working with Māori and Iwi to build trust and sustainable outcomes is also important to Griere.  

Drawing on her international experience, Griere helps deliver policy and strategic advice to public sector leaders. She has extensive experience advising Ministers, and is also adept at providing advice to private sector Boards on key issues. She is also known for providing strategic advisory services to the health and broader public sector during the COVID-19 response.

Building on a successful career in human resources and strategic planning in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Griere has assisted public and private sector organisations with remuneration frameworks, workforce analytics and change management initiatives.  

Griere has an interest in law and chemistry having studied both at university. She is an avid traveller, often seeking to journey somewhere new during her holidays. In her spare time she enjoys trying her hand at DIY projects and baking extravagant cakes for family, friends and her partner Mark.


  • Public policy, Strategic advice, Remuneration and pay equity, Future of work and workforce planning, People strategy, Business transformation, Crisis response
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