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"We are encouraged to constantly innovate and be creative with our work, using our diversity to present solutions to problems."

"I’m passionate about people, leaving things better than I found them, and making a difference through the work we do."

"Every day is different and everyone is very supportive of you taking on new challenges either at work or in your personal life."

Why you should choose PwC

If you’re looking for a rewarding career with unlimited growth opportunities, there is no better place than PwC. 

Professional qualifications and career development

When you join us as a Graduate you’ll be part of our Graduate development programme from day one. You will spend your first day with other Graduates; learning how PwC supports you and your development to deliver our purpose and vision – defining what it means to be a PwC employee.

We’ll provide ongoing opportunities for you to develop your business skills as well as your personal and technical skills. You’ll also have a coach and buddy to support and guide you.

If you’re on the path to a professional qualification, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll financially support you through your exams and help you prepare with study and exam leave. You’ll also have widespread support from mentors, managers and peers.

Leadership is a mindset at PwC, not a job title. To us ‘leadership’ is about being yourself, being courageous and being different. As a PwC professional you will have the opportunity to demonstrate and grow your leadership potential, learning life skills which will be valuable wherever your career takes you. You’ll be pleased to note that we also really embrace diversity and value the range of thinking this brings.

Professional qualifications

This online brochure will tell you everything you need to know about professional qualifications available to you at PwC. We encourage our people to continually upskill and will pay your fees for a range of professional qualifications, as well as providing time off to study.

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What makes a great candidate?

So there’s no single answer to the question – “What makes a PwC person?” But if you’re someone with leadership skills or ability, who’s curious, fascinated by solving challenging problems and passionate about making a real difference in society, then there’s a place for you at PwC.


It’s not all about numbers

The diversity we bring to solving our client’s problems is central to what makes us the leading professional advisers in New Zealand.

We’re a team of business advisers, working alongside our clients to build long-lasting relationships that create value. We’re looking for motivated, energetic problem solvers who can help us be the best at what we do and also help our clients to be successful.

And it’s not just about academic achievement. You might not have gained the tertiary results you had hoped for but have shown you have the intellectual ability, drive and resilience to excel in our business in other ways. We’re also looking for diversity in our people and for people that stand out from the crowd – and that means great experiences and achievements both at university and in the outside world.

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Hear from our CEO

Mark Averill shares his career journey and advice for students


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Planning your career

At PwC, we have plenty of opportunities available, and we don't want you to miss out. Here's a timeline to help you plan your career in line with our offerings, and keep you a step ahead.

School: Year 13

Scholarship programme

The PwC Scholarship helps give young Kiwi talent the best start possible by providing financial support during university, a mentor and a paid Summer Internship. The skills, knowledge and relationships you’ll build with us will benefit you for life. Find out more about our PwC Scholarship.

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University: first year

Career fairs and PwC events

From first year at university, attend career fairs, employer events and presentations. We’ll be visiting campuses around New Zealand and will also be hosting events, so keep an eye on our calendar of events and our Facebook / instagram pages for updates. We’d love to meet you at these events – they are a great opportunity to get connected with different members of the team and see what a career at PwC is all about. Note that spaces are strictly limited so please register for all on campus events through your university.

Upcoming events

Thanks to everyone who came and saw us at our events to get insights into life at PwC and ask us your great questions! We’ve wrapped up all our on-campus events for the 2018 Graduate and Summer Intern campaign but keep checking this page as we are currently planning more campus visits throughout the year.

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University: second year

Summer Internship

An internship provides a unique taste of what it’s like to work at PwC. As an intern, you join us over the summer before your final year at university, for 12 – 13 weeks and build skills and confidence working with experts in the field you’re interested in. We have a range of internship opportunities available across our offices and business areas, with applications for our Summer Internship to be submitted in your second to last year at university.

You get the opportunity to closely interact with our staff, who provide real-time on the job coaching while working together on a variety of projects that will put into practice what you have learnt at university. We provide challenging assignments and get you involved with helping solve real client issues, within teams of highly skilled professionals. Providing you with a realistic insight into the profession, as well as the PwC culture and practice.

For more on the application process, visit our How to apply page.

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University: third year + all extra years

Graduate programme

In your final year of study and getting ready to start your career? There’s no better place to start than PwC. With our global brand and reputation as the leading business advisory firm in New Zealand, the opportunities here are like no other. Our Graduates start in February, and your first week will be an exciting chance to come together with the whole group of new Graduates. This is a great opportunity to meet people across the business and create lasting networks within the firm that could span your entire career, wherever it may take you.

Apply for our Graduate programme at the beginning of your final year, as employment contracts are signed a year in advance.

For more on the application process, visit our How to apply page.

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