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Hear from some of our people to explore the variety of careers that you could experience. With offices across New Zealand and a wide-range of different industries we have a diversity of thinking like nowhere else!

I am passionate about helping my clients succeed and learn about their genuinely cool businesses.

What drives me everyday is the people in the businesses I work with helping them to make their lives easier..

I am an avid rock climber and coach a couple of kids classes. PwC has supported my coaching from..

When everyone else surrounding you is bringing their whole self to work it is easy to be yourself at work.

I'm passionate about working with amazing humans everyday to solve gnarly problems that involve making..

I love being surrounded by such a diverse team of amazing individuals that challenge me, entertain me, and..

The buddy and coaching system works really well - I have people I can trust to help me through hurdles..

At PwC, we are encouraged to constantly innovate and be creative with our work, using our diversity to..

What I love about my role is that every day is different and everyone is very supportive of you taking on..

My culture draws on a network of knowledge systems, connections between people and the collective desire to..

I’m really proud of the cultural shift we have made around inclusion and some of the amazing things we are..

I’m passionate about people, leaving things better than I found them, and making a difference through the..

The strong coaching culture at PwC means I’m constantly learning from our team of market leading Partners.

I am passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders and in particular those that..

The best thing about working at PwC is the people. I love the true collaborative environment where you can..

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